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A Warm Winter and a Cold Spring [CLOSED]

WHO: Palutena ([personal profile] knowitallgoddess) and Krista ([personal profile] martyrerkomplex).
WHAT: Roommates getting to know each other. Also: Video games!
WHERE: Their room.
WHEN: Backdated to last Sunday.
WARNING(S): Krista's internal monologue involves her backstory, and therefore may refer from time to time to childhood neglect and violence. Nothing else is likely to come up, though, I think?

It was hard to shake the image, as she dragged the trunk that contained everything she had to her name along with her towards the tall, looming brick mansion, of every book she'd ever read and every movie she'd ever seen with a destitute, tragically noble orphan as a main character. The threadbare areas in her old winter coat, she supposed, didn't really help. Or did, as the case might be?

In either case, she made her way into the building and through the halls until she finally managed to locate the girls' dorm. The stairs to the second floor were a bit of a challenge -- she banged up her knees a little trying to wrangle her heavy trunk up the stairs, but somehow, she managed it, and there she was.

Someone had already written her name on the door.

Her new name.

Her heart fluttered a little to see it in writing like that. Briefly, she felt like an impostor, a con artist sneaking in where "Krista Lenz" belonged.

But there was no other "Krista Lenz." And she didn't have to be Historia anymore. She took a moment to take a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

"Hello? Is anyone home?"
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Very shortly after that knock, Krista was greeted with a smiling face. Opening the door and poking her head out to see who it was, she was certainly excited. The door came open all the way and she stepped out, looking at the trunk.

"You must be my new roommate!"

And she was quite cute. A new person to tease a little and embarrass. Someone like Krista would probably have a very adorable face when she was a bit miffed.

"Come on in!" Without hesitation, she helped take the girl's trunk so they could get it in the door.
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"That's fine. A little hard work never killed anyone!"

Not that she was good at physical work. Palutena did have the body of a rich girl who didn't really have to do much of the sort. But she helped, and ended up breathing hard at the end too.

"I'm Palutena. I hope we can be good friends!"
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She stops to ponder a second, wondering if she should elaborate. Which she was going to anyway but sometimes, people don't quite get it.

"It's the name Pallas Athena made into one name."
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"Exactly like her!"

Palutena is so pleased that someone knew that! Americans had some issues with that for some reason and, well, being in America...

"I think I'm really going to like you."
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"Thankfully, you've got some time to settle in. Do you know what classes you're going to take?"

If not, there was plenty of ways to get help. Or Palutena could just sign Krista up for all the classes she's in. Either way, it gets the job done and Palutena takes school work pretty seriously.
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"The science classes! But I admit I'm a bit biased for that area of study."

Being the turbo-nerd she is, she's been focusing in the fields she enjoys doing. "If you need any help for your classes, I do host a study group that meets frequently."
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"I don't think so. Hmmm..."

She had to think for a moment. Like any good student, she studied topics whether or not she knew about them. It was the key to passing any class.

" just have to put a little effort into things, that's all."
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"Oh! You're too cute!"

Look at her trying all that she can with that small smile. Palutena can't handle it. Somehow, she must bully her at least a little. She'll find a way but in the meantime, embarrassing her is just as good.
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She's already putting her hands on Krista's cheeks and getting a good look at her face. You know, just to make sure.

"Those wonderful blue eyes and your beautiful blond hair. How can anyone resist you?"
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There's no answer from Palutena. Instead she starts to slowly pull on Krista's cheeks. Just enough that it's a tiny bit uncomfortable.
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She lets go and gives her cheeks another pat.

"Let's get you unpacked and set up. Then we can do some fun things!"
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"I don't think I'll ever be too busy for you."

Since she still wanted to stack up embarrassment. But Palutena opened so closet doors to show off the free space Krista had. Which was more than plenty.
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"What all do you have?"

Palutena can't help but peek over her shoulder. Curiosity would probably kill the Palutena at some point but hopefully not now.

"Where are you from anyway and do you have anything from there?"

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