Feb. 28th, 2015

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WHO: Bridget, Luvander, Greg, Takakage, Liir, Nora, Raven, Hijikata, Eddie, Emma Frost, Charles Xavier, Martha Johansson.
WHAT: Briefing for the upcoming mission.
WHERE: Sub-Levels; The War Room
WHEN: Late Wednesday evening

It feels weird when she says it. )
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Who: Souji and Melinda
Where: Souji's room
What: Emergency meeting concerning love confessions and things like that. Sometimes you just need a second opinion.
When: After Hijikata's ominous "We need to talk". Seriously, no one ever wants to hear that.
Warnings: Standard "Melinda's backstory might come up" warning for possible references to rape, TBA otherwise.


They can never ever call you by it )