Mar. 29th, 2015

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The snow was finally melting, though there were still some occasional small storms. Not that they bothered her, but she noticed that on the warmer days, more people came out of the weird cave. School. It was called a school. She needed to learn so she could leave, so she could go home...

But how could she learn if no one came outside? She... might have missed the point of going to classes, but lets be fair, they overloaded her with a ton of information when they brought her here. And then after she broke the window and upset the person she was supposed to room with... she mostly stayed outside.

She had.... mostly forgotten the conversation with the odd person (taka) at the place where they were indoors giving out food to people who needed it, but it lurked somewhere in the back of her mind.

But today... today she just wanted to play to have fun! So she had been playing with the evergreens all morning. And now...

Now as the day came closer to evening, she had let herself tumble to the ground, to feel the soft new shoots of grass that were beginning to grow. She found a warm patch, clear of snow, and curled up at the base of a tree that was not yet bearing new growth. She was curled up, so that anyone who passed would see what looked like a pile of green leaves, vines, and brown branches... at the base of a still sleeping tree... and the leaves did not match any of the evergreens on campus, the vines weren't even close.

Anyone still yet to meet the school's little dryadling?