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Mutant Liberation Front Rally - The Briefing [SEMI-CLOSED; BACKDATED TO WEDNSDAY EVENING]]

WHO: Bridget, Luvander, Greg, Takakage, Liir, Nora, Raven, Hijikata, Eddie, Emma Frost, Charles Xavier, Martha Johansson.
WHAT: Briefing for the upcoming mission.
WHERE: Sub-Levels; The War Room
WHEN: Late Wednesday evening

This time, rather than the soothing voice of the headmaster, the voice that calls to the selected few is the increasingly more familiar tone of one Miss Emma Frost. "Come to the War Room. You will be briefed shortly" was all the psychic message needed to say.

Once they had all gathered, they'd find the Headmaster, Emma, Martha Johansson, and... a brain floating in some kind of bubble... machine... thing... Well, at least a few of the gathered could recognize the brain as Martha Johansson, the systems admin, and that her 'physical' form was just there as a formality for the students that didn't. Either way, Martha was mostly distracted with sorting out all of the data for the mission, and didn't have much time to speak. So Emma spoke for her.

"Alright, here's the skinny. You all know that the MLF is holding a rally in District X, and soon. March 1st, to be exact. Our relationship with the Mutant Liberation Front has been... strained, to say the least. They're radicals, mostly just angry kids, and we're more organized, established, and often willing to work peacefully with people they'd rather just kill and be done with. So to say we're philosophically opposed is an understatement."

Several images fly up on the hologram matrix on the main table. The MLF logo, photos of District X, of the riots, of the attack on Stryker... And one particular picture was enlarged over the others, a young woman.

"This is Claudine Renko. As far as we can tell, she's the one responsible for the MLF's foundation and organization. She was a complete unknown prior to the forming of the group. No one knows who she was, but Martha's investigation and my own digging around in Sebastian Shaw's dirty laundry confirms at least two things."

Photos from the Manhattan Mall incident are shown, specifically of the anti-mutant weapons the Friends of Humanity deployed.

"She bought these from Shaw. We don't know if she gave them to the MLF's blood enemies or not, but she is name on the invoice."

Another photo showed a genealogy tree, with Claudine's name highlighted as well as the name of one Nathaniel Essex.

"Her birth records show she is related to Nathaniel Essex. Those of you in the Professor's genetics class will recognize the name. He was the first biologist to study the mutant phenomenon. He was expelled from the Hellfire Club for being a mutant, and in his last writings spoke of something called 'The First One',"

Cue the hieroglyphic marks that were found on Shaw by SHIELD.

"Which happens to be what Shaw's little tattoo here translates to. We have a feeling that there aren't a lot of coincidences here, and there is something connecting all of these, but we won't know until we talk to Renko herself. And for that, we're taking a two pronged approach."

Xavier wheeled forward, taking over from there as the holographic display collapsed so that attention could be focused on him as he spoke.

"Thank you, Emma... Five of you were selected by me to accompany me to the rally and speak to Ms. Renko directly, to achieve some means of cooperation between ourselves and the MLF. We have a potential for a second Brotherhood to form here if we are not careful and explicitly diplomatic. Bridget, Luvander, Gregory, Takakage, ...Liir," he looked at each of them as he spoke, "each of you have shown the potential to unite hearts and minds around you. And I will need those skills more so than any mutant ability. I want answers as much as any of you do. And I feel moving forward, our best option would be to obtain those answers via cooperation."

Emma coughed, taking her cue after that. "However... We also know that we're dealing with radicals that have shown a propensity towards violence already. Nora, Raven, Hijikata, Eduardo, Martha, that's where you come in. You'll be with me as an infiltration team, sneaking past the MLF ranks for a direct confrontation with Renko should the Professor's efforts to reach her fail. We're a backup plan, but I want all of you to be ready in case things go south. There are already rumors that the Friends of Humanity might show up at the rally, and their timing couldn't be worse."

She sighed, pausing a moment before speaking again. "Any questions?"

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