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Weekend after Prom - locked

Who: Greg and Krista and Greg and Alric
What: Congratulations and possibly hanging out.
Where: Krista's room for the Krista thread, Alric's room for the Alric thread
When: Weekend after Prom
Warnings: bad puns! Warning, anyone reading this will be pun-ished. You have been warned.

For both:

Prom was over, elections were over, and Greg... was tired of sulking in his couch fort. So... he had some stops to make. He wanted to say congratulations to the winners that he was friendly with, and he and Krista had plans, to boot. Well, to rock, mostly. He pulled on a comfy old band tee, his fringed coat because he liked it, and his dark pants because they made him look good. Usually one used glasses for that...

Then he grabbed his acoustic guitar, the old one his father gave him, and his walking stick. He shook out his head, which was sufficient for taking care of his hair, then headed out.

For Alric:
Greg headed to the other boy' room, took a deep breath, then knocked lightly on the door, a bright smile in place. He was the son of a great actor. Besides, it was easier to smile.

For Krista:
He made his way to her room, guitar slung over his back. He used the top of his walking stick to rap a lovely little tune on her door, and this time actually remembered to use white fire first, so that he could stand.

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Alric answered in relatively short order with the customary polite smile and affable nod in greeting.

"Ahh, Mr. Deegan, good evening. To what do I owe the honor?"
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"...ah. Most appreciated."

Alric smiled, a little quizzically, but shook Greg's hand firmly.

"Although I'm sure the scarcity of serious competition was my greatest advantage by far."
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"Mm, well, I appreciate your confidence. But no, not overwhelmingly busy; not yet, at least."
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Alric smiled quizzically to himself at that question.

"I'd imagine a celebration calls more for one of the latter two, although I'm not certain precisely what you've got in mind."
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Alric chuckled at that.

"Ahh, I see. Well, if you've any preference, then, I suppose that would suffice. You are, after all, the one insisting upon my celebration."
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" does seem a touch self-indulgent to celebrate my victory against no particular competition. But I suppose I'm not adverse to doing something. I certainly wouldn't wish to seem ungrateful, either."
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Alric would have disputed that point--Greg had an actual campaigning opponent, after all, and it was said to be a quite close contest. However, he didn't press the issue.

"...still. I suppose a small celebration with a friend wouldn't be amiss."

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Krista opened the door in a pair of white jeans and a loose, pale blue top, her hair in a low ponytail. The weather was warm, so she didn't figure she would need a jacket or anything...

"Greg, it's good to see you! ...Are you allowed in the girls' dorms?" she asked, faintly confused, but grabbed a small purse and came out to join him either way.
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"Well, thank you for coming all this way."

She shouldered her bag, and gave him a sweet little smile. "I'm as ready to go as you are. Where to first?"
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"That sounds great to me," she assured him, light and cheerful. "There's a lot of room on the grounds -- maybe out on the front lawn?"

That way he wouldn't have to walk too far, after all. And the weather was good for it. It wasn't too hot to enjoy a little direct sunlight just yet, not this far north.
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The sensation of an arm around her shoulder was... it wasn't welcome, but it wasn't unwelcome, either. Mostly, it was foreign and strange; she didn't really know how much or how little it meant, and it took a conscious effort not to make herself dizzy by overanalyzing it.

"That's true," she laughed, not letting any of it show on her face. "Have you eaten yet today, Greg?"
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"I ate a little," she said, shrugging her shoulders slightly.

A little might have been something of an understatement. She'd had a smoothie, hours ago when she woke up, and had been distracted with plans for her club ever since, but she didn't want to draw attention to her hunger.
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"I'll tell you," she promised, then looked for a way to change the subject.

"You were going to teach me some songs today, right?"

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