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Wow, you're popular! - Locked for Eli and Krista

Who: Eileanea and Krista
What: Congrats
When: right after election results came out
Where: Krista's room
Warnings: Should be none. Possible talking about sad pasts and socialization issues.

As soon as Eli heard the news, she bounded out of bed. No clone for this... she was actually excited to leave the room for once.

She pulled on a pretty dress, one that was a deep green with a brown pattern over it, and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Shoving her feet into shoes, she grabbed her purse and headed out. She made her way to Krista's room as quickly as she could without looking like she was rushing, then took several breaths. Trying to act casual, she knocked on the door.

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She hadn't really been expecting company, so Krista was dressed down, in soft pajama pants and a t-shirt, her hair braided a little haphazardly and a pencil tucked behind her ear.

"Oh, Eli!" Krista smiled immediately, opening the door wider. "Come in! How are you?"
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"That's so thoughtful of you, Eli..."

Krista smiled, grateful and a little shy.

"I'd like that a lot, but you'll have to wait for me to get dressed..."
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Krista gave her a slight smile, and shrugged.

"If you want to? You could come in, too. I do have a roommate." It did away with a bit of modesty -- as Krista was sometimes rather flustered to notice. But it wouldn't be a big deal for a normal girl, would it?
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Smiling at her again as she entered, Krista gestured Eli towards the chair at her desk.

"I'll only take a couple of minutes," she promised, crossing to the closet and digging through for something nice to wear.
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Krista glanced at Rin's side of the room, abandoned for the moment.


Obnoxiously self-righteous. Bossy. Confusing.

"...She's very strong-willed. She has a lot of opinions, and she isn't shy about them. But she means well, I think."

Or at least, it seemed possible that she did, in spite of the frankly rather awful ways she showed it. Krista was really fishing for ways to spin it, so that would have to do.
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"I... don't think you'd forget her, if you met her."

Rin was hard to miss. Krista held in a sigh, rifling through her wardrobe for something she could wear out.
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"I'm not sure, um..."

How was she supposed to put this pleasantly and have Eli understand? She found herself thoroughly at a loss.
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Krista paused, her hand still on a skirt she was thinking about.

Part of her felt excited, proud, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. She'd done it -- made someone actually trust her, actually like her!

At the same time, she felt sort of bad about it. What did Eli really know about her? She was a good person. She deserved a best friend who was more... real.

But when she turned to look at her, she smiled, happy and warm and grateful.

"You're mine, too, Eli. I just meant to say... my roommate, she isn't always very easy to get along with. I'd feel really terrible if she did something to upset you."
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Blessedly, that seemed to have gotten Eli off the topic of Krista's roommate. With a little relief, she gave her a smile, then turned back to her closet.

"What about this dress?"
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"Really? Would that be alright?"

She'd have to think of something to do for her, in return.
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"That's so sweet of you... Thank you, Eli."

She picked up the dress, and gave her a smile. "I'm going to get changed now, if you want to turn around or go out into the hall for a moment."

She didn't care much either way, but Eli was flustered so easily sometimes, it seemed best to give her a little bit of warning.
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Handwave since this was a long time ago?

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"Alright. I'll come out as soon as I'm dressed," she promised, going to open the door for Eli.