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Eren Yeager Thinks Big

WHO: Eren and ANYONE.
WHAT:Trying (and so far failing) to practice using his power.
WHERE: In a remote part of campus (but how remote can it really be, honestly?)
WHEN: In the afternoon, after classes.
WARNING(S): A bit of blood, self-injury, possibility of a brief appearance by Titan!Eren. Should be fine otherwise, though.
NOTE: Prose and brackets are equally fine.

He didn't want to do this, but he had come to the decision that he had to try. If he didn't learn how to control it, then how could he fight terrorists? If there was something he could do to help people, then he had to do it. Otherwise, he wouldn't have done enough! It was just... he didn't want to be a monster.

But he knew, because of where he was, that if anything bad started to happen, he'd—pass out, or something. Right? It would stop. So he wouldn't hurt anyone. And if helping people meant he had to become a monster, then he would make that sacrifice.

It was harder than he'd thought it would be to get started. All those months of purposefully and determinedly suppressing his power had had their intended effect. He had to set it off somehow. But all the concentrating and straining in the world didn't work. He balled up his fists and focused his thoughts, but nothing happened. When he wasn't really upset, he didn't feel anything like that strange, unsettling shift in his body, like the start of something big and dangerous. Now, when he wanted it, it wouldn't come.

The veins all put pulsing in his forehead, he let out a noise of frustration. "Damn it!" For lack of anything else to try, his hand flew to his mouth, and he bit down, hard, drawing blood that rolled down over his fingers.
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Kanji's just out for a run, today; the usual routine, keeping in shape and running the worst off his batteries. It's enough to take him out around the campus perimeter, at least...

Just in time to see Eren's little stunt. It stops him cold for a moment, before he runs forward - is he seeing that okay? Has he hurt his hand, or -

"Whoa! You - you alright there, dude?"
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"You're bleedin', man..."

Just a little bit worried, to say the least. Kanji's not quite hurrying to call what he suspects might, indeed, be bull, but he's not exactly happy with the idea of seeing someone hurt.
...Especially with what it looks like was happening.

"What did ya do?"
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...Definitely the last thing he'd expected to hear from Eren. Okay, so he might not know the guy very well, but he distinctly remembers him being sensitive about the idea of having any sort of powers...

"All the way out here? Huh..."
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Kanji takes a moment, but nods - and damn, that healing business is quick. At least that's something.

"Still don't trust the teachers with it?" he asks.
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"Tch. Yeah, best reason not to bother 'em." As much as Kanji might have warmed to the teachers in general, he can stil completely understand that attitude, even if not the specific motives behind it.

"So... how's it goin'?"

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With his X-Team members doing their own thing, and soccer practice not scheduled for today, Tenma had nothing else to do, but practice on his own. It was one of his so called genius ideas, to combine both his power training and soccer practice into one possibly dangerous sport.

At least it looked cool in his head.

The aim of his practice was to give a moving object a boost with his powers rather than manipulate it directly. In theory, it would reduce his mental load to small bursts rather than a piano falling on his head. To test it, he kicked his soccer ball up high into the air and gave it a telekinetic "push". Unfortunately, he lacked precision, and sent the ball flying away.

An errant soccer ball comes flying out the blue, landing within the vicinity and bouncing a few times before rolling to a stop within a few yards of Eren after the teen bites himself. Soon after, a tiny brunet comes running onto the scene.

"E--Excuse me!"
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Tenma blinked at the response for a second, and finally noticed the blood running down Eren's hand.

"Wh--You're bleeding!" He exclaimed. He immediately rushes over to inspect the other boy's hand, soccer ball forgotten for the moment. "What happened?" He motioned to take his hand to see how serious his wound was.
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Tenma frowned. Judging by how nervous Eren was acting and how isolated the area was, even he could tell he was also practicing his powers. There weren't any smoking craters or landmarks out of the ordinary, making him wonder how Eren could have even hurt himself like that.

"I have a first aid kit ready when I practice soccer and my powers." He said. "It'll get infected if you don't treat it, come on."

The younger brunet scooped up his soccer ball with his telekinesis and began to head back, stopping to look back at Eren with an expectant look.
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"So you have a healing factor!" Tenma exclaimed in wonder, watching the wound slowly stitch itself up. He wondered what it was like to have one. On one hand, he could get up from his injuries much faster, but on the other, it seemed like the thing that would make him careless.

"It still hurts, doesn't it?" He asked, with a little concern.

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I've tried and failed to write a more serious tag like 3 times now, so you know what, here you go

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[Unfortunately, if Eren wants privacy, it doesn't look like he's going to get it. Caelius's own abilities run on stored sunlight, which means he can spend quite a bit of time outdoors in the warmer months—something that, at times, carries him out to the outskirts of the campus.

When Caelius hears that frustrated noise, he immediately snaps to attention, eyes seeking out its source.]


[Of all the Concerned Adults on campus, Eren managed to do this within earshot of the adult who is literally paid to be concerned. Congrats.]
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well good

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[He glances to Eren's hand, then back to his face, his own expression still more startled and unsure of the situation than anything else. He doesn't want to jump to conclusions himself, or put Eren on the defensive.]

...What are you doing?

[He keeps his tone relatively neutral.]
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[...That's not very convincing, Eren. Caelius sighs. Still, instead of pushing, he fishes around in his pocket to find a small pack of tissues, which he promptly waves in Eren's direction.]

At least take these.
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You could at least use them to clean up...

[So. He'll awkwardly keep the tissues offered for a few seconds longer, but if Eren still doesn't take them, he'll tuck them away.]

What was that outburst about, then?

[You know, the one you had while you were just going on a walk.]

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