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Liir just had sex [OPEN]

WHO: Liir and you
WHAT: Getting laid can make even him less grumpy
WHERE: all over the school
WHEN: backdated to after prom
WARNING(S): references to sex, obvs

All day after prom, Liir drifted through class. He was sore but dreamy, moving slow and unguarded, though still reluctant to touch people. It was the nearest imitation a human could do of a jellyfish.

He ate his lunch outside, on a stone bench, and let the birds chatter at him and only told them to fuck off once.

He said hello to his friends instead of just nodding and he nodded when greeted by people he didn't know.

He winced occasionally. Hey, it wasn't all great.

He didn't even glare at any pacifists or reformists.

All in all, getting with Gilbert had temporarily desalinated him.
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[Well, if he's going to look that dazed, Rin practically has no choice but to take advantage of it. Creeping up behind him, she gives him a casual elbow to the side.]

Have fun last night?

[Eh? Eh?]
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[Aaand she hurriedly drops her elbow, actually feeling a little bad.]

Wow. What's the matter, been so long that you're out of shape?

[...Since he had fun. Fun.]
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[She honestly hadn't meant it like that. For a second, the only reply she gives him is a slow blink... And then the pieces click into place, her expression splitting into a devilish smile.]

Ohooo. So you really did have "fun," then.
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Doesn't this mean you should be thanking me right now?

[Too bad, Liir. Tacit admission isn't enough.]
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[At that, Rin looks pleased with herself—probably because she is pleased with herself.]

Of course, no problem. I'm always happy to help a friend in need.

[In need of getting laid.]
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[Gilbert is predictably scarce. He's up and off somewhere by sun-up, and there's not a trace of him for the first part of the day.

And then, at lunch hour, he appears through the small throng of students taking lunch in the late spring sun to slip his book-bag down to the ground and settle in beside Liir. With his dress clothes neat and straight and a paper cup of tea in one hand, he looks the perfect schoolboy.

"Somewhere" was class, as it happens. He felt up for it, today. Call it on a lark.]

Good afternoon.

[He says so politely, sitting just close enough that they aren't quite shoulder-to-shoulder.]
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Careful --

[Gilbert titters and leans over on the bench to wave goodbye to Liir's chatty friend as it flutters off. When it does, he cranes back to watch where it goes.

He's not making a show of being more interested in it than in Liir or of not mentioning certain subjects, right now, not at all.]

You'll make every bird on campus into an enemy, talking to them like that.
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They're birds. How much could they want from you?

[Gilbert smirks. He was going to keep the extra-casual act up for at least a while longer, but if Liir's going to keep playing Disney Princess he can't be bothered.

That's a rare power he's actually jealous of.]

What's his name, then?

[He asks, leaning suddenly and languidly into Liir's side.]