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Band Practice - OTA

 Who: Zancrow and whoever
What: Zancrow's trying out the drums
Where: School Music room. 
When: July 10th, afternoon
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Zancrow's mouth. 

In the music room Zancrow is practicing on a drum set. Perhaps practicing is too strong a term. He’s banging away on the drums with wild abandon. He’s not that good, but he’s obviously having fun, and there is a rhythm to it, sorta.  


He’s putting his entire body into it; he’s sweaty and he’s already thrown his shirt to the wayside as he beats the drum set senseless. His wild hair is all over the place as he bangs away, and he’s smiling. Not his usual deranged smiles he wears during a fight, but an actual smile. He pauses drumming only to wipe the sweat out his eyes or to take a drink of water from his water bottle. 

He's been going at this for awhile, and probably won't stop until someone orders him to. 

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The music room is a place one can often find Greg, so when he heads down and hears someone banging away on the drums, he grins and heads down a bit faster. He's using his walking stick to stand, but he has his electric over his back, planning to use the school amps.

He watches from the doorway for a moment, getting a feel for it, then subtly sets himself up. Then he waits, using white fire to stay upright, waiting for a good moment to join in. When he finds that moment, he comes in, matching himself to the jamming that Zancrow is doing.

No specific song, just following the other boy's lead.
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He grinned brightly, dropping into a seat with a nod, also a bit worn out.

"It is. And you've got some good sounds. Want to take a turn following my lead? Seems like we jam well together."
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HE climbed back to his feet with a groan before channeling the white fire again to help him stand. He went back to the band stand and settled his guitar. "Ready to rock?"
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Viti couldn't believe he was being ignored (ooc: see below). He gritted his teeth, clenched his fist, and growled. When Greg asked if Zancrow was ready to rock Viti ran up to Greg and shouted,

"At least one more of the X-men has the virus, and some people have died already! If you don't believe me, just wait. You will hear it all on the news soon!"

Viti sighed and stepped back.

"Look I'm sorry to ruin your band practice, but this virus is not waiting, and Dr McCoy has failed. I'm sorry, but we need to do something."
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Um... where in the world did Viti come from?

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Greg rubbed his head a bit and sighed, slinging the guitar behind him and leaning on his staff.

"I'm a healer. The staff here knows I'm a healer, but I'm not a virologist. They know what I can do, and if and when I can help, they'll let me know. Professor Taka made that clear. Right now, if I try, I might ease symptoms and mask the real problem. It hurts and it stinks, but we have to trust the professors on this one. This one is too big for even me to fly off the handle at."
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The bottom. I'll explain later.

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Viti's muscles tensed, and he looked like he was going to leap to his next argument, but then he bit his tongue to restrain himself. He stepped back as he wondered what professor Aqua would say if she knew that he was out of control. He couldn't risk that, instead he needed a plan.

His eyes looked up into his head, then darted to the right, where he saw a dusty piano, then they moved to the left, where he saw a microphone. Finally his eyes bulged in revelation. Bile rose in his stomach at the thought of using the microphone, but he remembered this was for the sake of humanity.

"Tell you what. Let me try out for your band, and if you think I'm good enough I'll join the band, but if I do join, you guys have to hear me out on my cockamamie scheme to save the world."

Viti backed up to make it clear he was talking to both Greg and Zancrow.

"So what do you guys say?"

He tried to seem confident, but a quivering sigh betrayed that he was praying inside.
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"One has nothing to do with the other," Greg said flatly, helping himself to a seat. More than just his leg was tired from this.

"Saving the world has nothing to do with joining a band. I know some of the best stories seem to imply otherwise, but that's not the case here. I want to help. You KNOW I want to help. But I already agreed to let the professors have the lead on this one. I need to learn to trust that they know what they're doing."

And before he could argue, Greg ran a hand through his hair. "Dominic says so, and I've long since learned to trust HIM. So..."

"No dice. If you want to try out for the band, that's one thing. If you want to fight this, find a team. But until the professors send us out, that isn't going to be my team."

Then, hoping Alric would forgive him for this. "You ever meet Alric? I know he's trying to put a team together, you might want to talk to him."

He made a mental note to buy Alric a rather large "I'm sorry" basket later.
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Viti turned pale. It took a few seconds, but he found the strength to sigh. He turned his back on Greg, and started out the door. He stopped suddenly, and turned to Zancrow.

"Zancrow, you said you didn't care about being a a hero. Fine, but if you want to save your own ass, then I suggest getting out of here, ASAP."

He slammed the door on the way out, hopping that he saved at least on life.

Outside the door he sighed again, and said aloud, "So what's plan B Viti? What's plan B?"

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Greg turned to Zancrow. "Why do I have the feeling I just messed something up, big time?"
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"No, but my brother is," he said, pushing to his feet and rolling his shoulders. "Mine's all about the White Fire. Healing, strength, flight. That sort of thing. You?"
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HE called up a ball of white fire with a grin. "Yin and Yang much?"
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"We would. Normally this where I would point out that I lead a team, except, well, my team are heroes. We work hard to do good for others, and somehow I don't think that's quite your speed..." A hint of friendly challenge in that.
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"Not a bad team. Maybe we can train together sometime. I'd like that."

Not that there were any bad teams at the school. as far as he was concerned.
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He nodded. "Looking forward to it. Shall we jam? I think you were about to see if you could keep up with me?"
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He smirked. "Catch me if you can," he said, then launched into a fast and hard power ballad that had an emphasis on power. One of the ones he had performed at the Battle for Barthis.

He got so into it he started flying midway through.
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Greg grinned as he landed. "It's all the White Fire. I'm stronger like this too. And Faster. But that's because I'm keeping it inside. If I send it out, others get healed, and stronger, and feel better...."
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He smirked. "Not off. Everyone knows... the show must go on."

Yes, he really just said that.
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He let it hit him with a laugh. "What did I tie exactly?"
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"My Ego's apparent? Why didn't you tell me?" and he moved as if he was fixing his clothes, like had been showing his ego like bare skin.

Keeping a straight face was impossible, so he didn't even try.
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Viti kicked the door open, gasping, his eyes wild. He ran over to Gregory with fear and confusion all over his face. He quick spoke to Gregory, but his mouth moved so fast that it was difficult to understand him.

"Mypowersjusttoldmethattheviruskilledsomeoneandyou'regoingtohearaboutitonthenewsverysoonandoneofourownhasittoobutatthesametimeyouwererightbecauseItalkedwithproffesorShulkanditseemsmypowergetsinformationonpeopleevenwhenIdon'twantittoandnowIdon'tknowwhattodo! What do I do?! What do I do?!"

Viti gasped, but then, even in his panic, he saw Zancrow and remembered that it was polite to acknowledge people.


Viti meant no offence. He just remembered that good manners were different for Zancrow.
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The drumstick hit his forehead dead center, impacting him with a wack. "Ouch!"

Viti caressed the lump forming on this forehead. "I'll get my revenge when the fate of humanity isn't at stake."