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Lightning in a clear sky [open]

Who: Kanji and anyone who finds him
What: A spot of practice?
Where: Outside on the school grounds
When: Just a sunny afternoon
Warning: ...Language, potentially?

Kanji's ... not been the most social of people lately, that's true. Feeling weird, feeling restless; he's been hiding himself away more, or spending longer in the gym, just trying to keep things together.

It's been a while since he's had to do something like this, really. But ... outside, in a quieter part of the school grounds? Gloves off, insulated gear off... and lightning's surging around him. He's mostly hurling it at a metal fence, a target that's not going to be easily hurt, but - the single blasts are merging together somewhat, here, arcs and shapes of current flowing forward and back with his motions...

Holding it, releasing it, shaping the blasts themselves - pushing his limits.

Probably quite a show. Eventually, though, he'll step back, wiping his face: man. Battery's running low, now, but ... at least it felt good.
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Hijikata just happens to be on his way through campus -- making his way back from the gym to the main building -- when the flash of lightning catches his eye.

He goes to make sure nothing dangerous is happening, first and foremost, but once he's ascertained that, he sticks around to watch for a little while. It doesn't escape his attention that, the power of the blasts aside, he seems to be working at least enough on control to practice letting it build up and release, to focus on the shape and direction of it.

"Not bad."
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"How long have you been training to control it?" he asks, stepping a little closer once the sparks fade away.

"Elemental powers take a lot of work to use well. It's easy for them to get tied up with your emotions."
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[Sandry is standing a little way off, well out of range of the electric blasts. Her eyes are wide with wonder. She's seen quite a few displays of power since arriving at the school, but this by far is the most impressive on terms of scale. And damage potential.]

That was amazing.
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[Long enough, Kanji. Long enough.]

I do. It was like fireworks, except with lightning.
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Does having electric powers mean you're immune to lightning, or does it make you like a lightning rod instead?

[Questions, so many questions.]
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Hmmmm, I suppose I don't know enough about electricity to say one way or another, but there is definitely such thing as too much. And it wouldn't really be something you could test very easily, or safely.

[ooc: I so wish Sandry's canonmate Tris were here. Her idea of fun is going out to stand in a thunderstorm and play with lightning.]
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Seems like electricity is a really tricky power to have. Tricky, but useful I think. I bet you could charge your phone battery if you wanted.

[Much more useful than thread manipulation for sure.]
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[All the plushies he could make...]

It's always the finite control stuff that's the trickiest. The first time I tried to pick a seam with my power, I ended up shredding the entire thing. And the second time, and the third time. Ruined three perfectly good blouses before I realised I should just practice with scrap cloth instead.
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[she nods]

I can move it and shape it to some extent. And I can make wrinkles come out. Mostly I just use it to help me with my sewing.

[because picking seams apart by hand takes forever]
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Unusual, yes. But not all that useful, unless I become a fashion designer. What use is having a power if I can't.... help someone with it?
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oops lost this in my inbox, sorry

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Sure, but I could do that without my power as well. Still, I understand what you mean.

[It doesn't keep her from wanting to do something really meaningful with her abilities. If she could just figure out what.]

It's probably for the best. My uncle would probably fret if I had a more... combative ability.
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Alric approached quietly, so as not to interrupt--and kept his distance so as not to startle Kanji--speaking up only once he seemed to be stopping for a breather.

"Quite a display, Mr. Tatsumi. How have you been?"
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If not, he certainly didn't show any particular signs of disapproval.

"Mm. Well enough. Pardon the interrogation, but I couldn't help wondering... how precisely can you control it, near a grounded conductor such as that fence? That is to say, could you narrowly miss the fence, or even pass through it, if you wished? Or would it short out if you aim too close?"
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Alric nodded, keeping his distance and waiting patiently.

"Of course, Mr. Tatsumi, in your own time."
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Alric chuckles lightly at that reaction.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, of course Mr. Tatsumi, especially if you've never tried, before. That's more or less what one would expect an electrostatic discharge to do, naturally, after all."
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"..ah.. apologies, I meant in the.. technical sense of a dissipation of accumulated charge across a potential, rather than the colloquial and more specific wool-socks-on-a-carpet sense."
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"Ah, yes, my apologies for the confusion, it's really been the only means I've had of learning anything about my own abilities, before coming here, so I suppose I've rather taken it for granted... but yes, 'electrostatics' is the study of the fields generated by stationary collections of charge, so an 'electrostatic discharge' is simply the relaxation of that charge back to a ground state. It tends to follow the path of least resistance--that is, a short distance to the metal fence rather than a long distance past it--to reach ground. Obviously you can overcome that inclination somewhat in order to generate the charge to begin with, but I imagine it must be more difficult to control once the discharge has begun."
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Alric nods confirmation to that.

"I certainly understand. It took quite rigorous training to develop as much control as I have, now, and I'm certain I've yet much to learn."
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"Mm, indeed. And we are fortunate to have access to those who can coach us, as well. What else have to you tried, if I may ask..? Besides arc discharges, that is."
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"Ahh, I can certainly see how that might be useful... is it something you've learned to reverse effectively? That is, to function as a stable, regulated generator? I know I found it a considerable challenge learning to keep my own abilities steady."
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"Mm. It might be a goal to pursue, when you feel ready. With finer control of those currents, you may be able to interact in new, more nuanced ways with electronic devices."