realmenknitplushies: (Dancing all night)
Kanji Tatsumi ([personal profile] realmenknitplushies) wrote in [community profile] xavier_institute_logs2015-07-17 04:08 pm

Lightning in a clear sky [open]

Who: Kanji and anyone who finds him
What: A spot of practice?
Where: Outside on the school grounds
When: Just a sunny afternoon
Warning: ...Language, potentially?

Kanji's ... not been the most social of people lately, that's true. Feeling weird, feeling restless; he's been hiding himself away more, or spending longer in the gym, just trying to keep things together.

It's been a while since he's had to do something like this, really. But ... outside, in a quieter part of the school grounds? Gloves off, insulated gear off... and lightning's surging around him. He's mostly hurling it at a metal fence, a target that's not going to be easily hurt, but - the single blasts are merging together somewhat, here, arcs and shapes of current flowing forward and back with his motions...

Holding it, releasing it, shaping the blasts themselves - pushing his limits.

Probably quite a show. Eventually, though, he'll step back, wiping his face: man. Battery's running low, now, but ... at least it felt good.

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