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Viti and Aqua in the infirmary

 Who: Viti and Aqua. I guess someone who happens to be in the infirmary could say something too.

What: Viti and Aqua talking the best they can, considering Aqua’s sick, and there are two walls of transparent, but hard plastic between them.

Where: The infirmary

When: Sometime during the same week as the District X new feed thread.

Rating: Don’t know. Above G.

Warnings: Image of a sick person.


Viti sat in a corner with one leg curled up the other was splayed out. He had a cell phone to his ear.

“Mom, I’m pretty sure I’m not sick.  The quarantine is just a precaution.”

There was silence as Viti listened to the response.

“I don’t know,” Viti replied with a rising tone. “I tried to tell them it was a misunderstanding, but they took me in anyways."  More silence.

“Well I guess, because, I was in the same room as someone who might have been sick.”

Viti had to pull the phone away from his ear, because, the voice coming out of it was so loud. His ear rung from being just a split second too late.

It took a few minutes before he could bring the cell phone close enough to speak. “Mom, he probably wasn’t sick. Besides I’m in the safest place in the world right now, even the CDC doesn’t have all the high tech gear and powers that the X-men have. You can’t take me out anyways…ok…ok…ok….I love you too, mom…and dad. I will talk to you later.”

Viti turned off his phone and sighed.  His head fell back in exhaustion. “Well, I hope Liir got my letter.” For minute he just sat in the corner of his room, letting the florescent light warm him. Eventually, he thought to stand up, and look through the clear plastic walls to see who might be quarantined with him. 
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Aqua had admitted herself to quarantine as soon as she was aware she was ill. She had written down all that she could think of, and kept a log of her symptoms, and what affected them. She had tried using her healing power, but that only made it worse. Her armor made no difference, her keyblade made no difference, using her mutant abilities stores in the keyblade made her worse.

She made note of all of it and shared it with the doctors who needed it. The rest of the time, she worked on control. Mostly that meant easy stretches and meditations. She hated being locked in one place for so long, but she understood the need.

Control. Mastery. Doing what you had to do even when you wished to do otherwise, because it was what has to be done. Still, even those romance movies from Mrs. Frost would be preferable to this.

Still, she was a Master.

So when he was on the phone, through the clear plastic, she was aware, but did not react or respond. She sat on her bed, cross legged, keyblade across her lap, and her hands resting lightly on it.

She focused in each individual case of discomfort. She didn't address it by trying to alleviate it, but by being aware of it, and measuring severity. She kept mental notes to write down later. She took tally of the muscles that needed to be exercised, and the ones that were sore in a way that said she should resist the urge.

She hated being ill, but she was Master enough to accept it in good grace.

Still, she was BORED.
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She had been sitting there, meditating, and when he called her name, she opened her cobalt eyes.

She rose carefully, smoothly, despite the pain in her joints. She had to accept that she was ill, she did not have to let it keep her from being herself. The Keyblade vanished as she stood. She walked over.

"Calm. Master your emotions. If you are ill as well, I am sorry. Note all symptoms, carefully. Not what actions make them worse, then cease doing those actions if possible," she said, her voice pitched to carry without yelling.

"The Masters here will find a cure."
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"Be at peace. think of this as a time to work on your Mastery. IT will be less terrifying that way. Focus on finding your calm. Center yourself. I can help, if you desire."
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"I stand for you, and for myself. For my Mastery. I stand because I can, not because I am pressed to. I am ill, yes, but it is not all of what I am. I may get sicker yet, but I will always be the Master of myself."
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"I shall return to the bed, but I prefer to meditate and take notes on my condition. I have slept recently, and do not want to sleep again just now."
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"I am feeling worse now. I experimented to see what triggered it and what made it worse. I am willing to be more ill if my notes could possibly help them find a cure."
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"I'm certain he will as well. And If you are infected, do not use your powers. For me, at least, it seems to make the illness worse. If you are going to use them, have Master McCoy observing you."
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"All the more reason," she said simply, "To study Mastery."
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"All of those, and more, in the right times. For now, attempt meditation. Do you require instruction?"
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She nodded. "Sit on the bed, however is comfortable, and close your eyes.
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"Listen to my voice, picture only what I tell you to picture, if you need to answer me, do so minimally. We shall begin. What is your favorite color?"
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"How does purple make you feel?"
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"Good. Focus on that then," she said softly. Picture the place you feel most comfortable, most at home, see that place, feel it around you."

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