aquawayfinder: (Touched)
Aqua ([personal profile] aquawayfinder) wrote in [community profile] xavier_institute_logs2015-08-03 01:11 am

Aqua - Open to all who are ill

Who: Aqua and anyone else in quarentine
What: Might as well run some classes
Where: Medical area
When: All month until they're cured/freed
Warnings: possibly some people cursing at her...
Rating: Should be G unless someone brings it darker.

Aqua had realized, after working with Viti, that perhaps the other students here could use her aid. She had been making her notes about about her experiences to help with a cure, but... but maybe the students needed her more directly. So she spread the word amongst the ill and then sat and waited for them to come, if any were bored enough and wished to attend classes in Mastery and Philosophy, she was happy to teach and talk....

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