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A visit from the clones, partially OTA

Who: Eli and a Krista and an OTA bit
What: Clones a'visiting
Where: Medical area
When: Early August
Warnings: Shouldn't be any
Rating: Should be G unless someone brings it darker.

Eli had been seen by a number of professors, and had been resting in the medical area until they needed to quarantine those who were ill. She got shooed back to her room. She had spent a number of days there semi-comatose. Sometimes tuning in on her Hofstra clone, but not generally able to focus that much.

And no one had noticed.

She tried not to mope over that too much. Especially when she came to enough to find out what was going on. Then she was trying to figure out how in the world she could help. She was pretty sure there was nothing much she could do. What use were some pointless clones? She worried and fretted for a while... then came to a realization. She sent a clone out and gathered books and movies and games, and anything else her bank account would allow and bundled it up.

She brought the clone back and spun off one other. She sent the clones to the medical area, and she stayed back in her room to monitor them. Since they were both clones spun off that day, both were a bit headachey, and they each had a small bandage over the almost healed burn on her arm.


One of the clones headed into the quarantine area with the bulk of the goodies to hand out. It was left more or less on auto, with a few guideline instructions.... Once in, do not leave; make sure everyone who is bored gets something; talk to whoever needs someone to talk to.

So there is a cheerful version of Eli trying to ignore a headache while handing out games and books and movies, and being open, bubbly, and friendly to anyone who could use the comfort.

Locked to Krista:

The second clone, Eli was controlling directly. That one brought a smaller, but personally chosen bundle to Krista. It had a box of chocolates, a carton of prepackaged sweet tea, two books Eli thought she would like, a chick flick, and a board game, so she could play with other people if she wanted. Also a deck of cards.

She found Krista and knocked on the door frame of whatever room she was in, lightly. "Want some company? I come bearing gifts," Eli said, through the clone's mouth.

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[While Shulk wasn't in the quarantined area, he certainly took a moment to stop what he though was the girl herself.]

Are you feeling any better, Miss? I just wanted to make sure....
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"That's a good goal, as long as you're feeling better." He would have offered to help but he knew he was better off researching and seeing what he could do for everyone. "And quite a sacrifice you're making."
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"I'm afraid I don't entirely understand..."

He had no idea what her powers were so this conversation already took a turn for the confusing.
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"Wh-What? I don't want you to die!" That was such a sudden statement and Shulk, for one, was struggling for words.