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Oulan's Punch-Out

Who: Oulan, her team, her boxing trainees and You!
What: 5 Various Scenarios across campus, One closed to her team
Where: Different Locations
When: August first through the Seventh
Warnings: Boxing related things so some minor violence.

1: The Gymnasium
[What better place to spend time than the Gym sparring with anyone who wants to, whether they be a boxer or a martial artist. She's dedicated to her craft and wants to train with anyone who wants to.

With students who want to spar she'll use her power to remove the power from her punches, allowing her to connect with full strength without transferring any actual force to the recipient. At the same time she'll allow herself to take any hits with the full force she was hit with. Other teachers though get a choice of whether she uses her powers to hold back or not.]

2: The Common areas and outside
[Maybe you did something wrong and she's dragging you by the ear to yell at you about rules and safety, maybe you saw he and just wanted to chat. She'll be spending a lot of time wandering the halls, pacing around doing her job.

You want to say hi? Stop her and say hi, maybe you are walking along with her talking about boxing or whatever safety concerns you have. Maybe you just want to tell her she's perked up a bit recently since she sort of lost her shit after Eli's clone died in front of her. She can accept that now, she's finally come to grips with the idea that someone can die and due to their ability not be dead.

Regardless, stop her in the hall or on the grass, or do something stupid so she can berate you for being an unsafe idiot. She's here, she's feeling good, and she's still crushing on Dazzler after having met her.]

3: The Weight Room
[What else would she be doing in her spare time but sitting and lifting weights and training her body to be the chiseled mass of baddassery that it is? She's got her daily routine, hitting the weights harder than she did before, continuing with her philosophy that even without her power she wants to be the strongest woman on the planet.

Sometimes she'll be seen pumping her fist in victory or kind of freaking out excitedly as she stares at the screen of her phone when she's running on the treadmill. I mean it is the month of the climax and it's hard not to enjoy a bunch of Japanese dudes pretending to beat the hell out of each other. Not that she'll tell you though, I mean she's a real fighter, she can't be seen to love nerdy shit like wrestling, she's got appearances to maintain]

4: The Danger Room
[This is where she really goes, whether it's training with her team or other teachers and students she'll have a few sessions in here over the week. Sometimes it's just her really needing to let loose with her power and test her limits alone, sometimes it's a need for getting her team on the same page since they lose a member in the last month. Or maybe someone wanted to go all out, powers and all, in a sparring session which led them here rather than destroying the gym or the yard.]

5: Oulan's Office, August 7th, Closed to members of her team
[It's been a hard couple months for her team, Eli dying but not dying during the attack, Oulan kind of losing herself for a short time, then all made worse by Liara's recent decision to leave the school. It's something that made her want to check in with all of them and make sure they were ok. She sent out an e-mail that morning asking that any of them stop by her office when they have free time.]

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