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Seventh Trial - Self-Improvement

Who: Alric and whoever, depending on the prompt!
What: Various bits of training and so on!
Where: Various places around campus
When: All week (8/9-8/16)
Warning(s): Not really expected!

Okay not entirely knightly, but sort of.

Powers Development (Shulk): Alric had spoken to Shulk a little while ago about meeting up to study how exactly his power worked, the better to develop new ways he could use it. He made a point to go to that meeting relatively early in the day, when he was well-rested, as had been asked of him.

Team Training (Tiamaris and Hijikata): Alric still had ambitions of getting his team (such as it was at the moment) geared up for really doing some good. A bit part of that was obviously going to be intensive training with Tiamaris. Alric had his own control issues, but Tiamaris was downright volatile, and was going to need serious work to get to a point where he could function reliably without risking a meltdown over someone saying the wrong thing. Hijikata's guidance would surely be invaluable, in making that happen, as well.

Power Training (OTA): Alric had taken to practicing with his powers out by the shoreline, where there was minimal damage he could do to himself, to others, or to property, if he slipped. It gave him an opportunity to safely push the limits of his control in every possible way, such as plasma-sculpting sand into glass figures to practice fine detail, or handling multiple plasma constructs simultaneously, or working on getting more acrobatics out of his plasma jets (which often ended with a splash).

Physical Conditioning (OTA): As much as it was important to keep his control of his powers well-tuned, physical fitness was important, particularly for a knight. Moreover, exercise had proven to be one of those things Alric found especially useful for maintaining that discipline he'd worked so hard on, and he regularly invested a solid chunk of time in aerobics as well as strength training in the school gym.

Choose Your Own Adventure (OTA): Alric has lots of other things to keep up on, including guitar and fencing and a long list of more academic areas of study in which his family expects him to keep up. Feel free to bump into him doing any of those in an appropriate space, or taking a break somewhere like a bay window or in the branches of a tree!

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As always, Shulk had a smile to greet his guest. Sure, it was his lab, but he was always busy. And visitors, especially ones that had appointments, had priority. Putting away the tools he had in hand, he faced Alric.

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"Of course not. I just try to remain busy as often as I can."

To the detriment to his own sleep times, of course. He wouldn't be a scientist if that weren't the case.

"Come in and I'll get everything set up."
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"No, it's fine, really. I wouldn't want to trouble you."

Said as he fumbled through a pile of things before pulling out an expensive looking camera. Mostly to get it set up on a stand and locked tight.

"I invested a bit in thermal and infrared cameras recently so I decided to get something that could record at high speeds too. Mostly to see how exactly your powers are, uh....'emitted'."
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"R-Right!" He can be absent minded at times, despite that whole level of super intelligence that he has. He opens up a nearby closet and pulls out another camera, setting it up right beside the original one.

"There. I think that covers everything. The goal today is to see if you produce the plasma yourself or heat up the air around you to force a phase transition at an incredibly quick pace. The difference between the two is vast, so you know."

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Asked to meet Alric, Tiamaris met him. In borrowed pants and yet another borrowed shirt. He had no clue how he was ever going to replace these things, and he hated that he kept taking, kept being the drain his father always said he was. A waste that should never have been born, that did nothing but kill and take from people.

He tried not to think about that, as he met his friend, his only friend, where requested, his eyes a dull pale orange. He still.... That last time... he should have handled that better. Is that why Alric wanted to meet him? To make sure he understood how poorly he had acted?
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"I'm sorry about last time," he said, addressing the ground, more than his friend. "And that I ripped the shirt you loaned me."

More than ripped, really.
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He looked down at the grass, eyes a dark orange with hints of red. "It's not like I could get a job," he mumbled. "Or even go shopping if I did have money. I'm too dangerous to be around people who don't know to protect themselves from me."

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Did someone say branches of a Tree?

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Rhia was hanging out in a tree, closer to the building that usual, watching people, trying to decide who she should talk to next. She was taking his advice, and trying to learn more so she could speak for the trees. So she could help. And then... she could go home.

When the trees told her that someone was climbing about, she made her way over, and when she saw who it was...

She dropped down, more or less, from a branch a ways above him. Her knees remained hooked on the branch as she swung down, facing him from the wrong direction.

"Hi!" she said, giggling, vines from her shirt draping over her face, hair and arms reaching towards the distant ground.
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"I am trying to learn more about human people. Like you said to."
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She shrugged. "How do I tell?"

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Power Training

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It wasn't too hard to find Alric; the lakeside was a usual spot for practicing powers, and his were rather visible, though not Marisa-levels of flashy. But then again, no one was really Marisa-flashy except Marisa.

Flandre walked down there slowly, stopping while she was still out of the way of any errant plasma but still within easy speaking distance.

"Having fun there?"

...hopefully she didn't interrupt him while he was flying. She actually didn't want to dunk Alric into the water.
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Should she clap? She sort of felt like she should--but what if it came across as sarcastic? She was debating in her head long enough that Alric had already landed. Her wings flicked out to either side instead, a sort of wave hello. She didn't flinch back too much from the sand and dirt flying up, though she did glance briefly at the scorch marks.

"Yes, I have." For the most part. "There was something I wanted to speak to you about, unless now isn't a good time?"

Flandre was still a bit...frazzled--and she'd never really been the best at decision making anyway.
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"Ah, well-," she twitched her wings again, smile fading a little.

"Reimu--our leader, has left. We're not sure when he'll be back, and...well, neither of us really have a head for leadership. At least not yet. And with...things as they are-" Flandre gestures a bit, a flick of her hand, "-I wanted to ask if you'd be willing to lead us, in the meantime."

Her shoulders slump just a little; apparently that took a very long breath to say. She didn't trust herself if she paused.

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