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Joss and the angels.

 Who: Joss, Greg, and anyone who wants to be associated with team heroic angel rescue. 
What: Joss meets with Greg to discuss being a part of his they can chat I guess. 
Where: In the gym...because!
When: 08/20
Warning(s): None. 

Joss  had her left thumb toe on the balance beam, her pet Robot floating nearby.  Her yoga pants, and sports bra were soaked with sweat, as she was concluding a rigorous workout,  She brought her right leg up to her chin her foot just above her head. She took a deep breath, and then another, for she was about to do something dangerous, but she needed to know if she could do it.  She rested her left foot, pressed down, and with a push thrusted upwards.  

She did a barrel roll in the air, and her light feet landed on the balance beam with barely a sound. She stood still,  breath a sight of relief and smiled. "I did it." She said to her robot.  The then dropped down on her hands and lowered her buttocks on to the beam.  

"Wish someone saw that." She held out her arm, and the robot extended it's wired, hydraulic, arm to give hand her a towel. 

"I better be gettin changed. Mr Deegan's gonna comin soon." 

If she had checked the clock she would have known she were already late for  her meeting. 

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"Actually, he's already here," he said leaning on the door frame. Between his father and Dominic, one thing Greg learned was how to be patient enough to perfectly time an entrance. Of course this entrance was far more Dominic than Donovan.

He knew she was interested in joining the team, and he was willing to talk to new people about it, and knew they needed to work on the team more. The whole thing with Viti made him a little hesitant to start looking around openly, and he was not looking forward to the fall out with the other boy if this girl joined and he did not get to, but that was his headache, no one else's. Part of being the head of the team, he supposed.

"Did you want to get washed up and changed and meet after?" He asked. He knew some girls could be touchy about that. He also knew some girls that couldn't care less.

Suddenly he missed Rachel. He'd have to send her a message later. And maybe make sure he ONLY sends this message to Rachel...
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"I didn't think to check there, but don't worry, I wont doc your pay."

He smirked. Yes, he totally just said that.

"I want you to take some time before you join a team, any team, mine or someone else's. I get that you're eager, and I love that, and I think you'll do well. But there are lots of students to meet here, and while you and I might get along, you might get along with someone else better, or find your power complements someone else's better."

"But I'm happy to help train with you, and show you around, help you get settled. You should meet more of the team before you decide anyway, and everything is up in the air in a bad way with this illness at the moment."

"So get settled, and take some time, yeah?"

He didn't want to think about the fact that some of the people who were sick might not still be in teams when this was all over.
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"Well, I'm happy to help you get settled and show you around, for sure," he said with a small grin. "And when the illness passes, well, you'll probably get shuffled into the mix for roommates. What does your assignment sheet say?"
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OMG, died for a second there, she's on Eli's team!

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"Ah," he said with a grin. "I've seen her around in training."

He offered a arm. "Just... don't let her bug you, okay?"

She'd get that pun later.
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"Well, who am I to fly in the face of your determination?" he asked with a smirk as he led her out.
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He grinned. "They're all good ones, and if you comment on all of them, it'll really start ta bug ya. You'll get tired of it so quickly, that it'll happen again and you'll get retired."
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"Nah, if I tried to pull that off, everyone would think they're being pun'k'ed."

Like she thought he couldn't return the quip?
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"Actually the danger room is down, but when you're so young, you have to be down with the profs to be allowed to use it. But don't let that bring you down, things will be looking up soon enough and your spirits will rise."

Challenge accepted.
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He chuckled. "Ah, no, you're not going to rope me into your games of one-upmanship."

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He chuckled and ruffled her hair. "Let's just say you shouldn't fold just yet. We get enough people building up their sense of humor, we might just get a full house, puns bad enough to make everyone else flush, straight away."
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"I figured we'd start with the classrooms, wind up passing the gym, the music room, and then your dorm, help you get settled in if there is anything left you need help unpacking. Anything else you wanted to see?"
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"Yeah, we have those. We could start there if you were looking to mix things up. Not sure that you'll find the solution you're after, but it's sure to get a reaction." He turned to head that way.

"White fire. I get all fired up about helping people. You?"
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"Just so long as you're not getting all hot under the collar, go ahead and ask. What dark mystery can I illuminate for you? I'll shed some light on near about anything you've a mind to ask about my power."
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"I don't think so. Filk and I might test that later though, that's a bright idea."
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Dear Greg, enough puns. Please.

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"Let you show me what?" he asked with a lab as they came into the chem lab. t was a science classroom at the end of summer, in a school where most of the scientifically minded students were working in the medical labs. So it had that "needs to be cleaned and aired out before September" feel.

"But will I be awed?"
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First video was too quiet for my system

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"Gloves," he reminded her, flatly. He was curious about this all, he supposed, but... Science wasn't his thing. He was sure Dominic and Luna would want to study this to death. He'd put her in contact with them. And at the end of it, if he needed to know any of it, Dominic would tell him in a way he could understand.
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"It's an interesting experiment," he admitted. "But before I try something like that... I think I want some professors around. And maybe Filk, since he can manipulate electricity as part of his power. Sounds like this could be a heart stopping experiment."
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Avatar the last airbender inspired this?

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"It might be, but since my white fire moves THROUGH my body.... I would like to err on the side of caution, in case I err."
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Re: Not quite

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"So, tell me more about you?" he asked, opening a door. "Bio room, because we all need to make more room for life."
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He walked as she talked. "Math room," he said, nodding at another room. "There are lots of them, but showing all of them would make this take longer, exponentially. Not sure what you would want to know about me," he said. They passed a window and he gestured outside with both hands, expansively. "The grounds."

Speaking of the ground, he dropped, falling onto it. Right. He needed the walking stick to walk....
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He pushed himself into a sitting position. "I try not to let it keep me down," he quipped, ruffling her hair. "I think I dropped my dignity though, think you could help me find it?"
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He pulled him self up with the walking stick. "Nothing to fret over. Not like music. Now there is something to fret over," he said with a grin.
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Of course we do. You just have to ask the staff before you use it so they can take your measure, otherwise there will be treble."
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"Sure, go ahead. Get some rest make a note of these puns, we'll catch up later. After all, a Greg tour can't be beat."