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August bread is rising, September is running up fast.

Who: Alicia and YOU!
What: Alicia joins a team and random events around campus
Where: All over the Place
When: Backdated to August 14th to the end of the month
Warnings: None yet
Notes: Most posts will be open but there will be a closed one with the Guardian Dragons

1: Morning Run - OTA
[Bright and early every morning her training kicks in, she's rounding the lake on her usual morning routine when she feels a presense running behind her. Not many people ever showed up during her morning run so she slows her pace a bit to fall into line with them a bright smile on her face as she gives a cheerful greeting.]


2: Afternoon in the Kitchen - OTA
[As every day she spent a lot of time in the kitchen giving the ovens a good workout, baking something fresh and new for the nights dinner. It was something she loved doing and she was especially happy when other people joined.

Humming an old tune From a Gallian composer she set about rolling the dough out on the table when she finally noticed she wasn't alone.]

Oh! Hi!

3: Meeting with Alric - Closed - August 20th
[She was a bit nervous when she went to meet with Alric, she had been told that he was doing a lot to help people focus on control of their powers and she figured it might be the best way to learn about hers. Nervously tapping her foot she made the effort to say hi]

Um, hi.

[Why was she so sheepish about it, she usually wasn't, but opening up and admitting you need help was hard, she was a soldier, she was independant, she was a leader, but I'll be damned if this didn't have her on edge]

I'm hoping you can help me.

[it comes out quick, her nerves clearly noticible in her face and the way she said it.]

4: Dinner time fun time
[once dinner rolls around she's social as a butterfly, flitting between tables, burning out the energy of the day, chatting, talking about recent events, thanking people who enjoy the bread she's cooked. After more than a couple people expressed interest in wishing they could make something like this an idea popped into her head.]

Is anyone interested in starting a baking club for next semester? I could teach you all how to bake!

5: Wildcard!
[Go nuts, she'll be all over the place, create your own prompt and hang out]
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A 13 year old boy stepped in to the kitchen with a smile, his eyes closed, and his nose high into the air. He opened his eyes, and looked saw Alica.

"I thought you would be in here. No one else makes the kitchen smell so good."

Viti sniffed the air again, then scratched his head.

"I must be loosing my touch though. I can't tell what you got in the oven."
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"And a great way to get rid of old bananas." Viti couldn't help but chuckle.

"Can I help out? I've been out of the kitchen for too long."
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Viti nabbed the flour, the sugar, the walnuts, and all other banana bread ingredients. He took his time measuring everything out carefully. In fact, he spent so much time making sure every measurement was super precise he took at least four times a long as Alica to conduct the same task.

When he took out the egg beater he ended up splattering some of the mixture with a loud "rrrrrrr" sound.

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[Shulk really tried during his exercise periods, which meant running in the mornings too. Unfortunately, it was probably pretty easy for Alicia to catch up to him and keep pace. He was definitely breathing hard but not giving up yet. Training so far had paid off quite a lot, even if he was nowhere near the level of people who always did this.]

Good morning! You're bright this morning.
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The best way to put it is...."trying my best". That's how I'm doing now.

[If that was worded properly, maybe. He was trying to say that he was hard at work but still not giving up while feeling worn out.]

How about yourself?
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I understand that might be frightening but you really shouldn't fear yourself. You're a nice, caring person so I'm sure that'll bear out.
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((Augh sorry I lost track of this! @.x ))

[Alric looked up from his tablet, sitting in a bay window, and smiled affably.]

Ah, Miss... Melchiott, was it? I would certainly be happy to, if I can--but what manner of help was it you'd hoped for?
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[Alric paused, and nodded, pensive, but with a reassuring smile.]

I see... I don't know that I can claim to be an expert... but I have been working with a friend of mine, Tiamaris, on... similar issues. And I do understand very well your concerns. If you wish, you would certainly be welcome to join us.
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[Alric sighed a little and nodded.] That is a familiar feeling, and one I would wish on no-one. Without my family's wisdom and guidance--particularly that of my grandfather--I would surely be in a far more unfortunate position, myself, in that respect.

[He glanced down at his tablet pensively for a second before looking up at her again.]

Surely you understand it will require a great deal of effort. Self-mastery does not come easily to most people. But, so long as you remember your reasons for pursuing it, I have faith that you can attain it. Now. What can you tell me about your abilities?
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[Melinda has never been very fond of strenuous exercise. She's not sure if this stems from the horrible gym classes in her former school or if those classes seemed so very horrible because she doesn't like exercising, but either way this has led her to skip as many of them as possible even after changing to the institute. Which now, when she's trying to learn how to defend herself properly, had come back and bit her on the ass.

She still doesn't enjoy any of the sweaty exercises she's been advised to make, but running is almost enjoyable. Or will be as soon as she stops wheezing from just doing it for a few minutes. She likes the freedom of it, likes the safety of being able to get away, and the mornings she can't sleep properly she's begun the habit of going outside for a run. There's usually not that many others outside during those times and she tends to pick routes rarely used by others, but today she's trying out a new path which ends up leading her to the lake. Lost in her thoughts Melinda doesn't notice that there is someone else there until they're right there beside her. She jerks a little bit in surprise, causing the rhythm of her running to break for a moment, but relaxes again when she's gotten a better look.]

Morning. [Her voice is obviously strained, the word coming out in two pants, but she does her best to return the bright smile she's been given. And, feeing that she should at least try to contribute something more to the conversation she adds.] You run here often?
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Option 4

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[Yuui, who is sitting a table away but still close enough to be within earshot, looks over with interest and, after having finished his meal, comes over to her.]

Sorry to intrude on you youngsters. [Because at 24 he's such an old fart, right?] But did I hear you mention a baking club?