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August bread is rising, September is running up fast.

Who: Alicia and YOU!
What: Alicia joins a team and random events around campus
Where: All over the Place
When: Backdated to August 14th to the end of the month
Warnings: None yet
Notes: Most posts will be open but there will be a closed one with the Guardian Dragons

1: Morning Run - OTA
[Bright and early every morning her training kicks in, she's rounding the lake on her usual morning routine when she feels a presense running behind her. Not many people ever showed up during her morning run so she slows her pace a bit to fall into line with them a bright smile on her face as she gives a cheerful greeting.]


2: Afternoon in the Kitchen - OTA
[As every day she spent a lot of time in the kitchen giving the ovens a good workout, baking something fresh and new for the nights dinner. It was something she loved doing and she was especially happy when other people joined.

Humming an old tune From a Gallian composer she set about rolling the dough out on the table when she finally noticed she wasn't alone.]

Oh! Hi!

3: Meeting with Alric - Closed - August 20th
[She was a bit nervous when she went to meet with Alric, she had been told that he was doing a lot to help people focus on control of their powers and she figured it might be the best way to learn about hers. Nervously tapping her foot she made the effort to say hi]

Um, hi.

[Why was she so sheepish about it, she usually wasn't, but opening up and admitting you need help was hard, she was a soldier, she was independant, she was a leader, but I'll be damned if this didn't have her on edge]

I'm hoping you can help me.

[it comes out quick, her nerves clearly noticible in her face and the way she said it.]

4: Dinner time fun time
[once dinner rolls around she's social as a butterfly, flitting between tables, burning out the energy of the day, chatting, talking about recent events, thanking people who enjoy the bread she's cooked. After more than a couple people expressed interest in wishing they could make something like this an idea popped into her head.]

Is anyone interested in starting a baking club for next semester? I could teach you all how to bake!

5: Wildcard!
[Go nuts, she'll be all over the place, create your own prompt and hang out]

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