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We're given only what we need, only the chance to survive

Who: Reki and [OPEN]
What: two short encounters with those who would drive out the lepers
Where: District X
When: any time in August
Warnings: abuse of the homeless

Reki couldn't shake the feeling that <i>something</i> was about to happen. She tended to trust this feeling, as it had rarely let her down in the past. She'd even had herself looked over for precognitive powers, just in case, but that came up flat. It was probably a subconscious that worked faster than her consciousness. It was making her restless.

She was often out in District X now, for the fallen, who sprawled out wherever they may, like drunks. Usually you couldn't tell the difference, but time with the sick had shown her: it was in the breathing, mostly. A certain sallowness to the skin.

And with the sickness came those who would drive the lepers out.


It was easiest with the baselines. Combat training kicked in and she'd go after the leader. Sometimes she didn't even have to use her powers. But when she noticed she wasn't alone, recognized a familiar face from 'home'...

"Glad you could come along." She said, improvising, fostering the illusion that there could be muties hidden anywhere, ready to ninja out at a moment's notice.


It was hardest with her own kind though. When a man with lizardlike skin kicked a sick beggar who had reached out to touch him, shouted at him that he didn't want the disease, she interposed herself (because that is the kind of thing a good mutant does). Protecting the beggar, she found she had no words for a mutant who was so willing to kick his own kind like a dog.
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Joss sat in the light of her laptop, her eyes darting over the written type before her. They were disturbing words about district X, and the virus it contained. She sighed. She turned her back away from it and thought with her arms crossed. At that second, her pet Robot shifted. She looked up to it and raised a brow.

Tornado grabbed a first aid kit with its clamp like hand, and slipped into a compartment in its self. Within the hour, the silvery colored, diamond shaped robot had levitated to district X. Its camera lens eye scanned over deserted buildings, and near empty streets. Stray dog stopped occasionally to sniff the shallow breathing fallen. Whenever they moaned or shifted the dogs would wine, then trot away their eyes looking straight ahead with intention.

Joss saw all this through her smart phone, and couldn’t sallow. Her breath quivered in sadness, but she slid her finger tip over the screen to search more. Joss jumped when she saw a scaly man kick one of the fallen. With her head down in pity.

She could see that someone else was protecting the homeless man, so Joss commanded her machine to approach and assist him medically. Quietly approaching from the other side.

The robot took out a first aid kit, and a cell phone. With one of its clamp fingers it dialed Joss and put her on speaker phone. “Don’t….Don’t ether of ya, worry none. I’m here ta help.” Joss said quivering. The machine opened the kit, then stopped.

Joss didn’t know what to do, and she wish she had thought of that before she started the whole endeavor.
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Re: His name from now on is Mr GrumpyScales

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Back in her room Joss breath a sigh of relief. She was so glad to have a bad guy to distract everyone from her rash action.

"Ya ain't touchin this poor fella again Mr. GrumpyScales," Joss threatened through her machine. The robot it's self was poorly designed for fighting, but she had another trick up her sleeve.

"Cause if ya do, your gonna get this here virus he's got."
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Joss cringed when she heard the repeating, pounding, thumps on her robot. She breath a sigh of relief, when miraculously avoid the camera lens, but after the beating the machine hit the asphalt with a loud pang. Though she couldn't see it she knew from the information coming on her smart phone, that it was heavily dented. It sent a picture of red an orange areas, the colors representing severe, to above moderate damage.

Fortunately the robot's smart phone still worked.

"Names Joss Possible. Just joined the institute, but as for helpin this poor gentleman... Well...I don't know." The voice coming from the speaker phone, was youthful and quivering. "Tornado here takin alot of damage." The machine made a loud screech as it attempted to wobble up, like a wounded animal.

"But if ya look in that there first aid kit, ya can find a surgical mask, some gloves, and some mighty powerful painkillers. There's also bandages and disinfectants and stuff, but don't know if that'll help." The robot pressed it's clamp like hands into the asphalt to finally righting its self.
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(OOC note: If I did something out of line with Viti's powers, please let me know and I will make changes.)

"So you expected me. You must be a precog," Declared a youthful voice, muffled slightly by a medical mask. Someone small, but standing tall stepped out of the shadows. The boy put his fingers under his hood lifted it off his face.

Viti then looked up to Reki.

"My power told me you might be out here. I didn't mean to be so sneaky, but still if you could not tell my parents I was here, I would appreciate it."
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How many of these attackers are there.

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[ooc. Little new to this. Stop me if I step out of line.]

Flatscans charged Viti's way. Viti pushed his glasses up his nose with one finger, placed his right hand on his smart phone, took note of the many small crevices, and windows, then smiled. He had already been planning for this.

He ducked and spun to the right, dodging attacks. His hoodie was grabbed, but he let it peel off with a quick motion. His small size and timed dodges allowed him to repeatedly duck and weave their strikes, but with so many people crowding towards him, space was getting limited, and he could be hemmed in, but he planned this. In one smooth motion he spun and dove into a broken basement window, of an abandoned building.

Being a 13 year boy Viti was small enough to slip right into the window, but he felt certain that the adults couldn’t fit, especially since they crowded each other. With a sly smile, Viti whipped out his cellphone. Viti’s power was continually scanning the attackers, attempting to pry into their deepest, darkest, secrets. Viti was sure he would be able to blackmail the men in just a second.
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Viti's heart was pounding. His thumbs were a blur typing text, his brain a flurry of quick thoughts and ion surges. Viti was sure that any second he would hear foot steps through the walls, and when he did he raised a brow. Some over eager muscle head, wearing a wife beater, and with a go-t beard tried to squeeze through the basement window, with his friends pushing him. He had just gotten his shoulders through.

"We got you now, mutie!" Viti whipped around with his smart phone in the air, and his finger on the send button.

"Tim, you get any closer and I tell Alica how she really got syphilis! It sure as hell wasn't from the toilet, dumbass." Viti rolled his eyes then he looked two men, pushing.

"Louis, Alford stop pushing him in or else the IRS will know what you really owe them!"

Viti couldn't wait for their responses. He ran up stairs into shadows. Viti couldn't see in the dark, but the portal in his brain was swirling like a tornado, throwing hints to where his enemies were. They were banging on a a wall that was had appeared suddenly; Viti put the pieces together.

"That idiot!" Viti shouted.

Viti charged up a narrow hallway of stairs, his mind's eye showing Reki getting overwhelmed, pounded with crow bars, and shouting in pain, because, she wasted her power protecting him. His heart was pounding under pressure, he was wincing under guilt, fearful every moment Reki bones could be cracking.

He stumbled in the dark, hurt his shin on the stair, but made it to a room with a window. Finally, light. He forced it open. He took a deep breath, because, if this were to work he was going to have to be loud. Really loud.

"You idiots hurt her anymore then the rest of the X-men will be on your asses like a firestorm in Washington State! We know where you flatscans live and who you are, and if you don't believe me then check the piece of paper in my pocket hoodie. It's got some names and addresses of you idiots! It's just a taste, mind you, but after this the X-men will know everything, because my power is constantly picking up information on you, and sending it back to headquarters!"

Actually the paper had only seven names and addresses, and Viti's power wasn't sending information to anyone. There were limits to what Viti's powers could achieve with him being so untrained. Still he had one last ace.

"Oh and Wayne..." Viti turned to the apparent leader of the group.

"You should really visit your father once in a while." Wayne had a secret about his father, but Viti wasn't going to reveal it just yet.

Viti stood tall and proud, but really his throat was starting to constrict in fear.

If this plan didn't work, then he wasn't sure what to do next.
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