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A SINISTER LEGACY [PART 4] - The escape.

Who: The Sick and the doctors
What: The sick plan an escape to search for a cure before it kills Nightcrawler
Where: Medical Quarantine and the docks
Warnings: Violence
Notes: Part one of the series

[It's nighttime on the 22nd, the plot is set, the day has come. It was finally time to break out, to find answers. To find a cure. They wouldn't find anything sitting here. Henry had found nothing while Kurt was getting worse, his flesh beginning to turn from blue to a boiling shade of red. He had know he didn't have much time. He knew it would take a miracle to survive much longer.

Lying in his medical bed with Flik next to him his tail flicks to the side, giving the signal that it was time to begin.

Seconds later, Flik charges straight for Zancrow, screaming at the top of his lungs and as soon as he does, Kurt bamfs from his table, appearing right next to the first person he's getting ready to teleport out.]

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