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Panic at Home

WHO: Those left behind: Viti, Melinda, Guardian Dragons, X-Force, Team 3, Martha, Emma
WHAT: Defend McCoy’s lab, aid McCoy in any way possible
WHERE: District X
WHEN: Shortly after the recovery team’s departure; early evening
WARNING(S): Violence, mentions of medical procedures

"...confirmed reports of uncontrollable fires, electrical surges, and other instances of apparent uncontrolled mutant powers coming from District X, the largest concentration of the afflicted in the city..."

"...a tragic event where a busy intersection collapsed into a massive sinkhole, swallowing dozens of cars. A known mutant was spotted near the scene; we will keep you updated as the situation unfolds..."

It was barely hours since the Blackbird had left, hours, and in came thundering the next crisis. A critically ill mutant’s power had not only hastened the illness, but raged out of control—killing innocent bystanders in the process.

Protesters had sprouted up since the virus had been found—human and mutant, sometimes even both in the same crowd, demanding that the infected be shipped out, sent away, put anywhere but here. Now, they were quickly galvanizing into riots, and worse...

Get to the District. Secure McCoy’s lab, protect the sick there. Control the damage.

And see if the reports of Sinister’s soldiers in the crowds are true.

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