friendofdorothy: (soaw1)
Liir Thropp ([personal profile] friendofdorothy) wrote in [community profile] xavier_institute_logs 2015-10-06 02:39 pm (UTC)

"The eternal plucky orphan." Which was ironic, considering she was the one who'd made him an orphan. "She's exactly like her last name: a force of nature. She rearranges and destroys things in her path while still being completely innocent."

Which might imply that he resented or hated her, but that was never true. He wished his first crush all the best. Oz simply didn't have that for her.

Which was why he cringed when she cut the head off 'Chistery', the boss-mook flying monkey, with a sword. Poor old Chistery.

"...God help you if she ever lands in Volstov."

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