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 WHO: Aqua, Viti, and hopefully people from Weenie squad. 

WHAT: A get better party
WHERE: Outside.
WHEN: October 4th
WARNING(S): Should be none.

Viti had a backpack and carried a heavy pot in his arms, it’s cold surface causing him to let out occasional shivers. He looked to his left and his right. He encountered passers by asking if they had seen professor Aqua. The girl and the boy shook their heads, apologizing.  He circled the mansion, until he finally found professor Aqua.

“Professor Aqua!” He declared. Panting, he ran accrossed the field  up to Aqua. “I heard about the fight with Zancrow, and that you’re still sick. I hope you’re ok and I brought a get well pre…aaaaaahhh!...”

Viti tripped on a rock forcing him to thrust his giant pot of Vanilla pudding, with bananas, into the air. 

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She heard him calling to her. She was supposed to still be on bed rest, but she hated sitting still, so she had been doing some light exercise outside. When he started to fall, she dashed over, managing to catch him before he hit the ground, but failing to save the pudding pot.

"Are you alright?" she asked, concerned.
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Needing to distract himself while poking a piece of (artificially grown but still) human flesh with needles, Tenma had blabbered on and on to Viti. Somehow they arrived on the subject of friends in the hospital, and that inevitably led to them learning they had a mutual friendship with one Aqua Wayfinder. A few somehows later, the idea of a get well soon party came up, and before he knew it, he was roped into helping.

Viti was too fast for Tenma to process. It wasn't fair. Not that he was one to begrudgingly celebrate things. He was rather excited to bake a cake. It had been a while since he had, and baking one for Miss Wayfinder was good practice.

He had been baking and decorating all morning, that when Viti tripped and threw pudding in the air, he could only stare with his cake in hand.
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Aqua sighed softly and rubbed his back. "It's fine, it'll be fine. It is more important that you did not get hurt. We may not get to eat that which spilled, but others shall, and it shall not be wasted. And the thought is appreciated."

She turned and smiled warmly at Tenma. "I am sorry I was not around recently to help you. Has the team been well? Are you well?" she asked, reaching her free hand to the other boy, in concern, still rubbing Viti's back gently.
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Ken was fashionably late, but not late enough to miss the sight of a flying pot of pudding - at which point he stopped short, hanging back a little awkwardly as the other three reacted.

"...ah, should we be cleaning that up?"
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Seeing Viti was okay, Aqua went over and gave Ken a small hung, then Tenma, knowing Tenma would flush and be embarrassed if she did it in the other order.

"I've been so worried about you guys," she said, concerned and gentle.
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Because Ken hadn't been spared her affections, it was definitely less embarrassing for her to hug him, moving his cake away in time to fully receive it.

"We've been worried about you!" Tenma blurted. Ah, there goes the embarrassment. "I--I mean, it was a scary sickness."
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"It was," she agreed, kissing the top of his head gently. "I'm sorry I worried you, but as you see, I came through it on the end, back to myself. And we can begin training again, when you are all ready. But first I would like to hear what my team was doing while I was abed."
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Aqua offered a warm smile. "We do our best to solve problems, but that does not mean we did wrong if someone else solved the problem. And sometimes the best way we work to solve problems is by helping others who are doing the solving. Being a hero isn't about being on the front lines, it's about doing the best you can to support each other and help people."
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Ken squirmed a little (but only a little) under the hug - not really intending to be rude, but it was just one of those things that made him feel especially like a kid.

"I feel like we could've done more, though."

Starbucks runs for all the scientists hard at work didn't go a long way towards making him feel like he was making a valuable contribution.
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"Did you learn from the experience? Get an idea of what will be asked of you and how to prepare for it in the future?" She asked, walking over to tousle his hair.
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"I learned I definitely don't want to be a doctor." Tenma coughed, unhelpfully. He at least hoped that wasn't Ken's aspirations, otherwise he should have given him the job of poking meat with needles. A small shudder ran down his spine at the memory of it.
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"Alright," Aqua said with a warm smile. "Not everyone should be, could you imagine that world, where everyone was so busy being doctors, that no one ever did anything else?"
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"That sounds like a world with way too many needles."

Nobody deserves to endure that many shots. Nobody.
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Aqua chuckled lightly.

"Needles are not for everyone," she agreed. "I like healing, but I do not think I would enjoy a career as a doctor, myself."
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"And there are some that will not listen even then," Aqua warned softly. "But you are right that control will make it more likely that you shall be heard, and more, heeded. Control, not just over your power, however, but also, over your behaviors. Someone who speaks calmly and rationally, even in the face of adversity will oft times find it easier to locate someone who will take them seriously."

She gave him a warm smile.

"Mastery, the kind I teach, is about control over all aspects of yourself. Not a lack of feeling, but a control over how you respond to your feelings."
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still recovering from con so you're good

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Tenma gave Aqua a look that was somewhere between sad and confused. It made sense to be in control, but...

"But isn't it hard to feel free if you're so worried about being in control?" He asked.
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Cons are fun!

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"Once you learn Mastery, you are not worrying about it, it is like muscle memory, it becomes part of who you are. Do you worry about how to walk, or how to read all the time, do you? You've learned walking, reading, writing, speaking so well that it is just part of who you are now."
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"That will vary from person to person. For you, anger is one of your biggest challenges, for others it could be their power, or sitting still, or anxiety. For some people it is the physical discipline needed. You don't have to be strong, to be a Master, physically, but you have to be willing to work hard and push through."

She smiled at them. "If you three would like, we could do some training now."
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"But we're here to celebrate you getting better, Miss Wayfinder!" Tenma protested. He held up his perfectly frosted cake as his point.
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"Yes, and I appreciate that," she said with a warm smile. "And what better way to celebrate being able to work hard again, than by working hard?"

She ruffled his hair. "But if you truly wish to wait, we can begin in the morning. I'll let the three of you decide." as a team, she silently added, watching them together.
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Aqua watched him process all of that, a small smile on her face. She looked over them all, keeping out of it until they decided, together. She would let them come to consensus as a group.
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"There hasn't been much for anyone to be happy about lately."

Ken was normally the diligent type, the type who wanted to do everything possible to get to the point where people would take him seriously, but...

" maybe we should enjoy this while it's here."
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She glanced at Tenma, to see how he would react to what had been said, smiling warmly at all of them. She was coming to love the people here, as much as she had the students on the Island.

Terra. Ven she thought, You would be so proud of this group. Of this whole school.

Terra. Ven. Master Eraqus. They all would have loved what Master Xavier her built here.
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"Don't forget my cake!" Tenma exclaimed. "I put a lot of work into this one, so I hope everyone likes it."

He beamed at everyone, hoping to dispel any leftover concerns from past and current events.
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"That all sounds wonderful. Did anyone bring plates and forks? Or may I go get that so I can contribute as well?"

She didn't want them to feel badly, if they hadn't brought.
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She took the set passed to her and watched Tenma, to see his reaction. She would let the students make these choices, it was part of growing up, and part of growing together as a strong team.
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Ken accepted a spoon and a bowl with a friendly smile. "I think it's fine. But Tenma's the leader, so..."
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Tenma nearly fumbled his bowl and silverware in surprise.

"Y--You want to join?" He blurted. That had been the last thing he expected to hear, not just what Viti had said, but the fact that it had been Viti who said it.
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Tenma's hesitation only grew and grew as Viti listed off his experiences with the other teams, until that last part. Not about the cake.

"Don't you dare say that about Reki!" he shouted angrily. As if he had only realized he was in front of Aqua and Ken, he suddenly, and very briefly, felt guilty about that outburst.
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And now she knew she had to step in. She walked over and put a soothing hand on Tenma's shoulder, then on Viti's. She looked the second boy in the eyes.

"There is never any reason to need to say such a thing about anyone. Much less about someone in a place you respect that does good work. We are training here to help protect and defend, to master ourselves and use our abilities to help, all of our abilities," she said gently.

"We are a team. Not just the small squads that go on missions, but everyone in this school, we are all a team, working towards the same goals. If you have an issue with someone on that team, and you do not feel that talking to them individually will help, come to someone you trust, and talk it out as a group."

She ruffled his hair lightly. "Getting mad at each other, and allowing that anger to affect our choices makes it harder for us to be effective as a unit, and makes it harder for us to prove to the world outside that we can master ourselves. It makes it harder to prove it to ourselves as well. And insulting someone makes it easier to make others angry as well, making it harder for them to master themselves. Please apologize to everyone here for offering your anger, and then to her. We will all go with you, if you wish, or I will go with you alone."

She looked in his eyes. "You said you wish to train with me, to learn mastery. This is a step on that path. Will you still walk it, knowing what is asked of you?"

She kept her voice calm, even, and reasonable, though it was firm. Never angry or accusatory, never lecturing. Speaking. Instructing. Informing.
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Tenma sighed, but his frown remained.

"It was beyond what one person could do." He said, shaking his head. "I know you want to help, but..." He hesitated, trying to think of a nice way to put it. There really weren't any nice ways to put it. "You're really terrible with people."

He thought it was a one off thing, with the emotion detecting machine and how their conversations in the lab were rather one-sided and unpleasant to stomach for Tenma. Hearing what had happened with Viti and the other teams left a different kind of unpleasantness deep down. "Gregory is a good person, I don't know about the dragon person, and I really like Reki. She helped me out a lot and made staying in America a lot less lonely. She's rough, but she's very kind."

He sucked in a breath. He was still upset Viti had insulted her so crassly, so flippantly.

"And it worries me that Mr. Shulk had to make you a machine to read people's hearts."

He exhaled slowly, quickly piecing together the words in his head, from Japanese to English.

"But... Leaving you out of something like a team isn't going to help you learn."

Tenma had to give him a chance. If he hadn't given another boy from his past a second chance, even after all the cruel things he had done to Tenma, they wouldn't even be having this conversation.
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"Not all choices in life are easy, or obvious," Aqua said softly, crouching lightly, and addressing them both, looking up at them from below, a hand on each of their shoulders.

"Sometimes it is seeing what you need to learn, and to make the choice to learn it. Sometimes it is to master how you feel for the sake of another. Sometimes it is balancing one person against another person."

"I will not tell either of you what to do here. I know what I hope will happen, but I am not advocating, nor do I even know if it is possible. But even if I knew what I felt to be right clearly, I would not instruct here. This is a place where all three of you," she looked up, as if inviting them all to come closer, "need to decide, together, what will happen next. And that's not part of being a team. That's part of growing up."