knighterrantofthedragon: Alric amused (amused)
Alric Caelegart ([personal profile] knighterrantofthedragon) wrote in [community profile] xavier_institute_logs 2015-10-22 01:27 pm (UTC)

Figured! XD

"..ah.. well. I wouldn't exactly say 'too forward,' particularly if you are already acquainted. But particularly in America, I suspect they might seem a touch old-fashioned. I'd suggest that if you choose to give a gift, it should be something meaningful, rather than typical, and something which she can put away easily, that won't become a distraction. An excessive display, also, might make her feel pressured, although I'm certain that's not your intention, so it's generally best to restrict early gifts to something relatively modest, until you both know better what you expect of one another. If, for the lady you have in mind, and the circumstances of your arrangements, flowers fit that description, then there's nothing specifically wrong with them... but were I in your place, I wouldn't bring them simply because it's 'what is done.'"

Alric paused a moment.

"......however, it might be wise to ask one or two of the young women, here, to see if they corroborate. My... experience has been... atypical, in a word, between Kaitheny and here."

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