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Eighth Trial - Keeping On Keeping On

WHO: Alric Caelegart and maybe you!
WHAT: DitL type things
WHERE: Wherever!
WHEN: Whenever throughout October, really!
WARNING(S): None expected

1) Individual Training: Alric is always up for working with his team mates, either in groups or in individual training, and where he's had a shortage of instruction on developing and exploring his powers, he's had quite a lot of very intensive experience in controlling them, as well as his naturally fiery temper. If he can help with either, he'd be happy to. Also, anyone who can help him with taking his own in new directions would certainly be welcome!

2) Music: One of the things Alric has done since childhood to balance control and expression has been music, and he can often be found in the music room, jamming out--especially a lot of rock opera and symphonic metal ballad covers of classical music. Feel free to drop by to listen, or to join in!

3) Alric's Training: Alric invests a good chunk of his time in various training regimens, practicing both force and precision with his powers, as well as sword training (on top of assisting with Hijikata's class) and a range of academics including political science, history, economics, and physical science. Feel free to drop in while he's doing one of those things, or seek his help with any of them.

4) Wildcard: Other stuff is fine, too! Want to talk about current events? Want to ask/tell him something as president of the student council? Want to bug him while he's chillaxing in a tree? Go for it!

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Mix of 1 and 4ish?

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During a break in training is when suddenly there is a serious expression on Marisa's face. She'd been trying to figure out how to tell the team that she was a full time X-Man now and wasn't in collage courses anymore. The only one who really knew was Reimu and that was because he was the one she talked to to figure it all out. Now she had a idea of how to bring it up to at least Alric. Once she told him, everyone else should be a bit easier.

"Hey..Gotta tell ya somethin'. Shoulda said it before now but with everythin' goin' on..kinda fell ta the wayside."
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Shh...I'm not late as heck

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"Well..ya know all the crap that's been goin' down obviously. With everythin' goin' on the chaos and stuff got ta a point where it was best ta give up on college for the time bein'"

She pauses for the moment, letting that sink in. Marisa gives a light smile for the time being. This was a serious thing and something that needed to be known. Heck, she talked it over with her best friend and she still had moments of worry that she could pull it off.

"But because of that..I signed up ta go full time as a X-man. I mean, we need all the help we can get..and I know the drill by now. Been here too long."
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"Yeah, I'm in. I had a offer before when I came back but I wanted ta try and do more schoolin' before I went full force."

Marisa relaxes a little bit at this point. That was her biggest worry, just letting others know. Being on a team, it was better to give those details sooner then needed...just because of the sudden call away.

"I've been meanin' ta at least say somethin' before a mission came up that would call me away. So it's not like 'Wait..someone is missin'...Why?' ya know?"
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"Thanks. It's taken a while..goin' through school..the incident and then everything until now...But after talkin' with my best friend back home, he agreed it'd probably be best."

Going to take a swig from her water bottle now. It was always good when things seem to work out. But she grins anyways.

"Of course! It's like how Reimu was a X-man but the rest of us weren't. Team buildin' and learnin' ta work with others is a skill that can always be worked on. Might also bring ya along on bigger stuff to because of that."