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Natural philosophy.

 WHO: Viti, Tenma, and Ken. 
WHAT: Viti using his power and science to enhance his teammates' powers
WHERE: A chemistry lab
WHEN: November 1st, 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm

Viti sat on a lab counter, next to a bunsen burner, and collection of beakers, his feet dangling far from the floor. He eyes peered up at the clock. He was sure Tenma would be joining him soon. His teams' faculty adviser was still recovering, but he and his teammates, could still take time to enhance themselves. At some point Viti wanted to train with them all at once. But not tonight. Tonight he wanted to meet with them individually, go over each of their powers. He hoped to meet Tenma at 6:00 pm, and Ken at 7:00pm, 

He had very big plans for them both. Very big. 
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Tenma went through a lot of emotions. He was trying to keep regret out as he trekked to the chemistry lab where Viti texted him to meet him. He tried to remind himself that had been just as rambunctious and--well he was never that unaware of people's feelings. He wasn't even that much older...

Still, it wasn't like him to outright reject anyone, no matter what they were like. It was rather jarring that it had crossed his mind, but he was determined to quash that. It'll work out somehow, it'll work out somehow...

Tenma knocked on the door to the chemistry lab. It was game time.
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Tenma fumbled it, nearly dropping it, but catching it just before it hit the ground and shattered into a million tiny and sharp pieces with his telepathy.

"D--Don't throw glass!"
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He fumbled with his hands first though, he wanted to point out, but bit back his comment.

"I don't want to rely too much on my powers." He said after deliberation. Sure, Viti may have a point about using his powers to the point of proficiency, but he liked to move. He put the beaker on a nearby table before continuing.

"I move things with my mind?" He tried to explain. It wasn't something he fully understood either, and less in English. "I can make illusions too, I think by making the person think that it's there."
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Pull... facts... out of... the air...

Just what kind of power was that!?

He heard of a student at this very school long ago who could instantly learn all the knowledge of a person they touched, but that was like a mental connection. Tenma couldn't fathom what Viti was even communicating with.

"Do you need to touch me to use this power?" He managed to ask, trying and failing to wrap his head around how it would even work.
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