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WHO: What faculty and students are still left at campus during the holiday.
WHAT: A Thanksgiving dinner for the school.
WHERE: The dining hall
WHEN: Thanksgiving Day
WARNING(S): none

Logan preferred hockey to football, but it was on, so the bigscreen was left there while he and what faculty were left plated everything buffet style, with a stack of plates at the end of the line for students to pick up and gather what they wanted. And, of course, all dietary conditions were met by the variety of foods, thanks to Hank's thorough list he'd made. Logan, of course, looked a bit more grumpy about it since Ororo was gone to spend time with her family, leaving him behind to babysit the kids. At least that's how he thought of it. At least he was left in good company...

[[ Part 2! Pretty much all the Thanksgiving staples are accounted for, as well as alternative foods for characters with special diets. Mingle at will! ]]
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WHO: Kurt and a selection of students that were asked to join the parade! ... And unfortunately the Friends of Humanity as well.
WHAT: The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
WHERE: 6th Av, Manhattan
WHEN: Early in the morning, Thanksgiving Day
WARNING(S): none

There were few things in life that Kurt Wagner enjoyed more than a parade. And after pulling a lot of strings, the Xavier Institute was allowed a float in 2018 in the world famous Macy's parade! He'd handled the construction of the float himself, a giant pirate-ship, and wore his best Errol Flynn, encouraging his colleagues and students to go full buccaneer as well. For the fun of it, of course. It was a day to really shine some awareness on the mutant situation, and show gratitude to everyone that had supported the Institute and mutants around the world. Several pro-mutant charities had hung banners from the "sails" of the "ship". All in all, they'd definitely get a lot of attention!

... Of course, when word got out that mutants would be in the parade, that turned rather ugly pretty fast. The news crews covering the event were reluctant to show it, but the Friends of Humanity had shown up in force. Signs with hurtful slogans, angry yelling, a whole slew of them lined up and down 6th Avenue to jeer at the float as they passed by. Kurt, however, refused to let them win. He smiled and waved with the best of them, and he hoped his students would follow his example...

[[ Part 1 of the holiday activities. Students are free to NPC members of Friends of Humanity for the benefit of their threads, but please note that it's highly unlikely anything more than verbal confrontations will happen, with the NYPD being stationed along the barrier. If you do want to have a fight break out, keep in mind it should not logically get hectic. This is post dated to Thursday and feel free to make your own top levels! ]]
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WHO: Logan and YOU
WHAT: Trick or Treating around New York
WHERE: Time's Square, Central Park, and District X
WHEN: Friday, October 31st, evening.
WARNINGS: I'm the best at what I do, and what I do ain't pretty...especially when I'm trick or treating.

It's that wonderful time of the year, when Mutants can go around the city of New York and not get stared at...well, at least no more than any other group of kids that are wandering around the city dressed in costume...though, to be honest, they don't stare too hard, because of the slightly angry looking man who seems to be guiding them around. Well, they can only tell he's mad due to his body language, as he's dressed like this: .

Never make a bet with a telepath, folks.
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WHO: Everyone!
WHAT: Halloween Masquerade
WHERE: Right here, in the Institute
WHEN: Friday, October 31st, evening
WARNING(S): Teens partying? Follow the rules, students!

The entire area was decorated for Spookoweenmas, handily set up by both volunteering staff members and Kurt Wagner AKA Nightcrawler. As a matter of fact, the entire setup was a dramatic affair, courtesy of the one who goes BAMF. But even mutants could celebrate the holidays, especially the one holiday where everyone dresses up as something else. Costumes were practically a requirement for entry so be sure to have yours handy though it would be much preferred if the costume was being worn.

Food and drinks were always available, arranged on a table and guarded by a staff member, just to make sure no one gets the bright idea to spike the drinks or do other nefarious things. Music was also playing but how many times have you heard the Monster Mash this year? Try not to mess up when doing the Transylvanian Twist. The dance floor was clear enough so tripping wouldn't be an excuse.

The most important thing, especially to the party arranger, was to both have fun and enjoy the spooky environment. It was the best day of the year to do both at once.
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WHO: John Sublime, "No Girl", the U-Men, and their unfortunate target... The Insitute
WHAT: Sublime's U-Men attack the school. They're aiming for the sublevels. Stop them at all costs!
WHERE: Throughout campus
WHEN: Past midnight, Wednesday-Thursday
WARNING(S): Gonna get violent.

The time was now. The media attention over his followers actions was too much. And after all, Xavier's little henchmen in London had figured it out. He was sure of it. There was no more time to bide. No more room for hesitation. It was act now, or the revolution would end in a prison cell, festering away in the disgusting care of this unclean world. Sublime couldn't stomach it. Couldn't fathom it. And whatever god help those who stood in the way of him and his dream of Homo Perfectus.

"All units are in place," Sublime whispered, peering out over the immaculate green, covered in moonlight, staring a drilling, piercing hole into the mansion. "Martha... it's your turn now," another whisper, as the floating apparatus before him, holding a strange glowing orb, began to shine even more brightly.

Just like that, the security systems failed. And just like that, Charles Xavier gasped and sent out a short, psychic burst to all X-Men, perhaps to everyone in the school, before he was overwhelmed and silenced, collapsing from his bed to the floor, stunned into sleep by a psychic force even he was not prepared for.

"This is it, Martha... our dream... U-Men! Bring me the Ashes of the Phoenix!" And like that, dozens of the men from the blurred video that Glamour and Spy had managed to obtain swarmed the ground, organic and mechanical, using a plethora of stolen mutant powers, attacked.

[[ This is it! Our first major action post, and in X-Men tradition, it's a direct attack on campus. Feel free to start your own threads. The U-Men will be NPC'd by the mods. Their ultimate goal is the filed away genetic samples of Jean Grey in the sublevels. They must be stopped, before someone uses them to integrate Jean's powers into a U-Man. ]]
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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: The news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: Today
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... suspect dead after a violent confrontation with authorities. This marks the seventh incident in the US alone this week of murders being conducted in the name of the "U-Men" and the TransSpecies movement. Authorities worldwide still can find no real evidence that this "U-Men" organization even exists, but many more political voices are pointing at mutants for causing the chaos..."

"... a long tirade. Senator Creed, among other things, called out the mutant population for poisoning the minds of human youth and leading them to believe that participating in these violent acts and organ thefts could give them mutant powers. Creed firmly called for Mutant Registration immediately, and if the president did not comply, he intended to take the matter to the states..."

"... involved in a romantic tangle with fellow musician and consummate superhero sidekick Rick Jones. TMZ posted a video this morning catching Rick Jones and Dazzler leaving a popular LA hotspot arm in arm and with Dazzler stealing a kiss from the popstar heartthrob before departing for the night with her entourage. Dazzler recently came out in public as a mutant, and has had even more media attention as a result..."

"... left the talks with Genosha with a positive outlook. President Kelly, who has changed his tune about mutants over the course of his presidency, says that he and the Genoshan economic ministers are on the breach of a trade agreement that will ease tensions with the mutant nation. However, nothing is set in stone, as Genoshan leader Erik Lehnsherr has been very public with his criticism of the US and its president..."

"... John Sublime has been unavailable for comment on the recent string of murders related to his TransSpecies movement. A representative of Sublime spoke on his behalf saying he is deeply saddened and troubled by how his followers have chosen to interpret his message, and has retreated to seek out guidance of his own on how to proceed..."

[[ ooc: Students and teachers are free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. You can reference the Weekly Update posts for other world news events not covered here, as well. ]]
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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: Two things, first the President's Address, and then the news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: The presidential address happened on Monday, the news events are more current
WARNING(S): mentions of school violence in one of the news posts, and as always, if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

President Kelly's Address )

News of the World )
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WHO: Mr and Mrs Smith Fai and Chris
WHAT: Just two X-spies chilling in a hotel room after a busy working day.
WHERE: London (fancy-ass hotels are a perk when you're an X-man)
WHEN: Three days after this.
WARNING(S): Knowing these two, probably sexual overtones all over their speech. Talk about the bombings. Will edit if they can't behave.

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WHO: Anyone who made their way into the city to attend
WHAT: John Sublime's gathering in Central Park
WHERE: Central Park in New York City
WHEN: Afternoon, Friday the 19th
WARNING(S): Sublime's creepy smile, possibly offending tumblr.

It's a hot day in the park. Water and fans are, fortunately, being passed out for free by volunteers. And in spite of the blazing sun, the man everyone came to see seems perfectly comfortable in his white suit jacket and black dress shirt. He smiles and does interviews for the press, looking unreasonably handsome and confident in his views. It's almost so much you want to punch him right in the mouth.

He's not ready to give public address just yet, with several other invited speakers taking their turns with the mic, as well as live music from a vaguely-college rock band calling themselves "The Alphabet Rejects" played between speakers, usually covering tunes from other better known artists.

There were a lot of people to mingle with... and pretty much everyone was talking about the same thing. The London bombings, the Mutant Registration Act, and what the hell this TransSpecies movement was really all about. Most of the keynote speakers gave points on very vague terms... odds were on the clear picture wouldn't come until Sublime himself spoke.

[[ Another event mingle log that was supposed to go up Friday. This is for everyone else besides the two that went to London to investigate the bombing ]]
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WHO: Xavier, Christelle, and Fai
WHAT: The mission briefing.
WHERE: Xavier's Office
WHEN: The evening after the news of the bombing breaks.

London is drowning and I... live by the river )
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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: The news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: Today
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... 5 dead, 20 injured in today's bombing in London. Authorities and witnesses both claim that it was literally impossible for the bomb to have been placed where it was unless someone had the ability to literally teleport into the terminal. Several experts are drawing this incident's blame to ex-Brotherhood assassin and terrorist only known at large as 'The Vanisher'..."

"... increased security for his upcoming public address. Now more than ever, calls are incredibly loud and clear for some kind of Mutant Registration law. Alleged mutant terrorism has spiked recently internationally, and many in the US public feel that President Kelly needs to take a leadership position on this much like he did during his congressional career..."

"... Sublime was very forthcoming with his experiences growing up in a mixed human/mutant household and the struggles it created. He also detailed his thoughts on Mutant Registration, saying that he felt like it wasn't the solution to the problem, and that humanity could only move forward if they embraced unity between humans and mutants. He went on to say that his philosophy of the Third Species suggests that there will be a time when the entire planet is mutant, and peace can come from accepting this..."

"... shook the sporting news world with his announcement that he was indeed a mutant. Delroy Garrett, Jr was stipped of the medals he'd won in the 2016 Olympics and has been panned universally for what was, essentially, cheating in some of the worlds' most coveted sports. The triathlete said that he doesn't regret coming out, and that he had to be who he was in the world today or those medals would have been truly meaningless..."

"... proposed a Mutant Olympics, as well as European United Mutant Football Club and any number of mutant specific sporting events and clubs. 'Why not?' Captain America said, firmly siding with Garrett and his supporters. 'I don't see any reason why these athletes, who have trained and worked hard to represent their countries should be denied that right based on how they were born. It just isn't right.' Rogers was also asked about the growing tension between mutant nation Genosha, whom protested the Winter Olympics this year due to the anti-mutant rulings, and the United States. Rogers refused to comment..."

[[ ooc: Students and teachers are free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. You can reference the Weekly Update posts for other world news events not covered here, as well. ]]
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WHO: Everyone!
WHAT: Club Week is underway, and now we have booths set up for people to really recruit and get their ideas out there. Several NPC clubs have been set up as well. Plus, once again, if you want to get in on some X-Men team building, now's a great time for it.
WHERE: The school foyer
WHEN: Wednesday after classes
WARNING(S): None. If threads go into warning territory, please make a new post for their continuation

It's about halfway into the second week of school. People are already starting to form friendships, build social circles, and embrace student life on the Xavier campus. The faculty has set up several booths in the foyer after normal classes on Wednesday in order for students to centralize recruiting for their various interest groups. Some familiar names pop up, of course. "Anime Club", "Chess Club", "AV Club", "Soccer Club", "Glee Club", "GSA Club", "Bible Study Club" and others. It's a pretty inclusive school, after all, so why not have a broad representation of interests?

As classes let out, students are encouraged to look around, get involved, and otherwise put forth the foundation of their social lives for the school year. And of course, there's always people looking to put together teams for other purposes, too...

[[ ooc: Feel free to make top levels for your own groups, or just post open top levels with no specific group in mind ]]