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Who: Rhia and anyone who wants to encounter her
What: Playing on the lawn
Where: On the lawn....
When: July 8th, early morning
Rating: G
Warning: Shouldn't be any

She was tried of trying to understand people, and her arm finally healed, and she wanted to have some fun! So Rhia was doing what Rhia did, she was playing with the trees. The game was simple. She curled into a ball and the trees threw her from one to the next to the next, and back around again.

She was having fun, with delighted squeals and giggles. At one point one tree flung her high and she spun in the air, coming out of the ball to twist and twirl as she arced up.

She wanted wings, she had always wanted wings. This was as close as she got to flying, and she loved it.

As she reached the top of the toss, she arced back and dove into the fall. She caught a branch on the way down and swung around over and over before landing in the grass, flushed with joy and giggling.

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 Who: Viti and Aqua

What: Viti being trained by Professor Aqua

Where: The field where Aqua trains people

When: Six AM, backdated to June 24th

Rating: I think G

Warnings: Should be very minimal violence. Maybe a bloody nose at worse. 

It was only 5:30 AM when Viti started jogging to his appointment. That sun had risen just enough to make the world a gray haze.  He was in no hurry. He just wanted to warm up his muscles, and thought his professor would appreciate it. It was 5:50 when he arrived at the training site. He panted heavily, resting his hands on his thighs. Most people could handle twenty minutes of jogging, but Viti was fat and otherwise unhealthy. That had to change and he knew it, which is why he stood on the field awaiting his trainer. 
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Who Greg and Skaar
What Checking in with team members
Where On campus wherever Skaar happens to be
When after the concert
Rating Should be no issues so G. PG to be on the safe side.
Warnings: Should be no big issues, some violence potentially, and bad jokes

He needed to talk to Krista and Skaar. He had been hoping to see them at the concert but... So with a sigh he went hunting for his teammates. He found Skaar first, so might as well start there.

"Hey!" he said, jogging over as best as a limp and a walking stick allowed.

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WHO: Souji + a tennis ball machine + OPEN
WHAT: A theoretically great idea which has a couple of flaws in practice.
WHERE: The school grounds.
WHEN: June 30th.


Let me tell you, there's a woeful lack of songs about tennis ball machines )
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WHO: Hijikata and YOU!
WHAT: Poetry-writing, quiet introspection, and probably interruptions.
WHERE: Out on the grounds, not far from the mansion.
WHEN: Early evening, the day before the Dazzler concert
WARNING(S): None, unless things take a truly unexpected turn, in which case I'll edit.

Dark and dusty, painted on the sky... )
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WHO: Ken and whoever wanders into the kitchen.
WHERE: The dorm kitchen.
WHEN: Backdated to June 24th!
WARNING(S): None in particular?

I'll match format, if you prefer brackets!

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Who: Students, Faculty, and a large chunk of New York.
What: Dazzler! Live in concert
Where: Central Park's Summer Stage
When: June 25th starting at 6PM
Warnings: Some people just don't like good music.
The Show: 
It was about an hour before Dazzler was supposed to hit stage when the bus rolled up from Xavier's. Student and teachers alike made their way into the large grass expanse in front of the stage already beginning to fill with regular folks sitting in lawn chairs, relaxing on blankets, or just milling about getting ready for the act. Their is an air of excitement all throughout, everyone is social, and everyone is there ready for a good time whether they are mutant or human. Dotted throughout the expanse is a large amount of vendor booths, selling everything from t-shirts to food and beyond.
Once the concert starts I hope you like rocking. The music is blaring (or should I say Blairing) loudly through speakers interspersed throughout the park. The crowd has pushed forward leaving a much larger expanse of open space for those who just want to sit in the ground and relax taking it all in. The crowd going wild for every song and the incredible stage theatrics that go on in a Dazzler show. Costume changes galore from roller disco to her more contemporary punkish look she's exploding on stage, the light show getting more and more dazzling as the night wears on.
[[During the show you might run into random NPC Concert goers wanting to share a love of music]]

The Afterparty:
After the show is done the field begins clearing out, the booths start to be taken down and the fun moves to the long building behind the stage.  Inside there is a large table covered in snacks and a full open bar for the adults with plenty of alternative beverage choices for the kids. Throughout the night a small staff will be maneuvering through the crowds with drinks and snacks as well, making sure everyone is happy and if they aren't standing at the bar, are still able to get what they want.
After about a half an hour Allison Blaire, all cleaned up comes walking out of the dressing room, cleaned up and relaxed and ready to meet her fans. She'll be milling about, chatting while signing autographs and generally being a large presence in the room interacting with the new students and teachers and hoping she was able to provide some levity after recent events.
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Who: Those who are too responsible to rock
What: Investigating the Plague with Beast and Wolverine
Where: District X
When: June 25th
Warnings: Descriptions of sickness.
As one bus heads to Central Park another is heading into District X carrying those who wanted to help Beast and Wolverine look into the illness that was spreading through the district and had also infected Nightcrawler. There were so many questions to answer, how far has it spread? How is it spreading? Where did it start? What are the symptoms thus far? Are they getting worse?
[[You'll be joined by NPC Hank and Logan in your investigation along with NPC Citizens for the ill]]
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WHO: Sandry and OPEN
WHAT: Settling in and exploring
WHERE: Around the school and grounds, eventually the Rec Room
WHEN: Monday afternoon

After spending the morning getting her belongings unpacked and her room decorated, Sandry decided to use the rest of the day to look around. She quietly walked through the school, looking around all of the student-accessible areas before heading outside to look at the grounds. When her feet finally started to feel tired, she headed back inside. Collecting her sewing basket from her dorm, she went to the rec room she'd spotted earlier in the day to curl up in an armchair.

Light brown hair plaited down one shoulder and cornflower blue eyes fixed on her current project, Sandry set to work finishing up a plush lop-eared rabbit. It was about eight inches long and made from a white polka dotted pink cotton fabric with green and pink plaid on the paws and ears. All that was left was embroidering on the face.

[ooc: Feel free to run into Sandry as she wanders around, inside and outside.]
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Who: Eli and whoever she encounters
What: heading to the medical area
Where: the halls of the school and the medical area
When: June 22nd, early morning
Warnings/Rating: should be none/G.

The headache wasn't going away, and everyone she spoke to... it only seemed to get worse. And the burn on her arm was hurting. So Eli was heading to the medical area to try and find someone to look at her arm... and to give her something stronger than Advil for her headache.

She was a bit dazed and out of it as she walked down the halls, so feel free to have her run into your character. Well.. walk into, anyway.

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Who: Aqua and anyone who approaches her.
What: Training and lessons for anyone who wants some one on one time with her.
Where: on the rear lawn
When: June 23rd, midday
Rating: Should be G
Warning: possible discussion of violence, but probably nothing bad.

Summer was officially here. And it was wonderful. Aqua had left a note on her door, telling anyone who might be looking for her where to find her and inviting them to join her in a training session, if they wanted. She had training dummies set up out back and was practicing with them. Careful, controlled, strikes. Her goal was a rhythmic precision over strength.

She had marked the edges of her keyblade with charcoal, and marks on the dummy were in small areas at her targets, with almost no deviation. A stab to the chest, a stab to the gut, a slash across the legs, a chop to the neck on each side, an under arm sweep on each side, the flat of the keylbade to either side of the head, and a slam from the back of it to the top of the head. A mix of blows that would be lethal and those that would just incapacitate. 

She deleivered all at the same pace, but the wear on the dummy would show those who were observant that the blows that were in lethal places were delivered with more force. However, her pace remained smooth and even as she went from blow to blow, with flourished spins and jumps that were exacting and precise, as much as any of the blows.

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WHO: Christelle & anyone with access to the Faculty Lounge
WHAT: Sorting through intelligence as well as student essays. 
WHERE: Faculty Lounge, 2nd floor
WHEN: Late afternoon of 19/06

There's only so much Chris can manage in one day, or even one week when she's technically juggling three jobs at the same time. Thankfully she hasn't had too many recon missions of late, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have intelligence reports that need sorting, analysing and being put together so the X-men might put it to good use.

Add to that the student essays she's a bit behind on marking and she's honestly just one push away from garroting the first person who looks at her wrong. 

Unfortunately, juggling the tasks also means that she's more or less taken over half the lounge, reports pinned up on the walls here and there with many neat notes written over them, several other articles printed and attached in continuous streams down, some of them reaching the floor. She doesn't mind who reads them - they're all encrypted and in Catalan, no less. To add to the chaos, there's several piles of student essays, organised by grade level and marked or unmarked which she picks at for humor since... yes, she still finds some language errors absolutely hilarious.
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WHO: Viti DeFalco, Ivan Braginsky, and OPEN
WHAT: Cooking food
WHERE: The kitchen
WHEN: Today?
WARNINGS: Will add as needed. 

Viti pulverized five cans of tomatoes through a strainer, into a bowl, using a wooden object normally used for pressing pork through a meat grinder. He huffed, as though taking his life's anger out on the fruits, which popped and ground releasing their guts. He threw out the seeds, and tossed the sauce into a pot lined with garlic flavored olive oil, and turned on the burner. 

The steak would be the next object to get a beating. He pulled out a small hammer to tenderize it. He brought up high then brought down harder, splattering red juices. As Viti worked, he mumbled to himself, about the people who had mocked him in life, for his angry thought escaped his mind, until the sauce began to simmer. When the aroma came on his nostrils, he sighed and formed a smile. He loved the smell of garlic, basil and tomatoes, but he thought little of how others down the hall might think of it, as the sent flowed out of the kitchen. 
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WHO: Eli and whoever she comes across
WHAT: Eli... is alive?! Wait! What?
WHERE: Heading onto campus
WHEN: During the clean up/fall out from the Sinister attack
WARNING(S):Um... people being very not pleased with her, mentions of death.

OTA and locked )


Jun. 9th, 2015 12:26 pm
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WHO: Anyone and everyone
WHAT: Another news update, coming at you live!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen
WHEN: All week
WARNING(S): If a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... uncertain of whether or not wanted Mutant Liberation Front leader Claudine Renko is alive or dead. The FBI offers no comment at this time, and attempts to find source's in Xavier's Institute of Higher Learning, where the incident took place, have also turned up nothing..."

"... have called for Charles Xavier to be subject to government investigation. Creed said that the citizens of the United States can no longer trust mutant institutions in America, and that Xavier's willful harboring of Claudine Renko, and the violence that occurred there, is proof that said trust no longer exists...

"... plans to hold a concert in Central Park and is offering free admission and VIP passes to anyone currently living in District X, as well as the students and faculty of the Xavier Institute. Dazzler said that she spent part of her teenage years in District X, and Xavier gave her a safe place to live until her music career took off. She wants to give back to those that supported her, in their time of need..."

"...responded to the rumors of Claudine Renko being alive and having been given asylum in Genosha, stating that they have a publicly known policy of offering citizenship and sanctuary to all mutant refugees, Claudine Renko herself has not applied for citizenship within their borders. We remind our audience that as part of the Passover Accords, Genosha and the United States are both required to keep public record of their immigration policies with regards to mutants..."

"... so far have stated that only mutant patients have reported symptoms of the new virus spreading within District X. Leading medical experts are still researching the pathology, but feel that there is no panic needed, and that the medical community was prepared for the possibility of mutated viruses that have evolved alongside mutants..."

[[ ooc: Anyone can feel free to start their own threads in this log in response to one or more of these news clips, or even to things related but not specifically posted here. Go forth and mingle!]]
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WHO: Tenma, open
WHAT: Time to take a breather
WHERE: The lake
WHEN: Sunset, the day Shindou leaves the Institute vaguely after May 25th
WARNING(S): Sadface Tenma, possible yelling at the lake. Possible.

He would bounce back up, but for now he's at a low )
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WHO: Students and faculty of the Institute, plus some unfortunate SHIELD agents caught in the crossfire
WHAT: Sinster did something, ah... sinister... to Martha, and now the school security systems are attacking anyone and everyone that might interfere with his um... sinister... plans.
WHERE: The Institute
WARNING(S): Violence hooooo

As a reminder, there are THREE ways to be involved with this event:
1. Help the SHIELD agents on the front lawn survive against the school security systems! This will be combat heavy and will involve NPC assists from Nick Fury

2. Help protect other students, and those who can't fight, get to safe places! Not every section of the school is as automated as others and there are places that Sinister's infection of the security systems hasn't reached. This can be combat heavy or not at all, and will involve NPC assists from Storm

3. HELLIONS your girl No Girl needs help. Also the Professor and Logan. Your job is to head to the sublevels and break in to the most heavily secured area of the school and stop whatever is causing things to go haywire, and possibly stop Sinister himself from whatever he has planned. As usual, you will be assisted by Emma.
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WHO: Director Fury, Xavier, Logan, Renko, and someone else...
WHAT: The time as come for Renko to turn herself in
WHERE: The Institute
WARNING(S): Violent imagery

SHIELD Quinjets made surprisingly little noise. The one that landed itself right on the Institute lawn was almost silent, only making the most noise as it began preparations to land and empty outs its load of heavily armed agents, and of course Director Fury himself. As they emptied out onto the grass, he turned his gaze towards the impossible to ignore statue of Jean Grey, and the emblem below that marked this place as the supposed sanctuary it was to all who sought it.

He didn't look happy. He shouldn't be. This wasn't the sort of job he liked doing, even if it was a matter of national security. He and Charles had worked amicably for years and years. He had turned his blindside to the man so many times when the activities of the X-Men went into legally questionable territory. But his hands were bound... And he had no more choice.

Xavier and Logan met him on the lawn. Alone.
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WHO: Jun and Jack
WHAT: Jun realizes that in order to prove she's not Jack's sister, she may have to get incredibly blunt.
WHERE: In Jack's Dorm
WHEN: Soon after their talk on the network
WARNING(S): NSWF-ish stuff, distressed children

Jun smoothes out her dress as she waits patiently for Jack to respond to her knock. She's still unsure about what she's doing. It may turn out to be a huge mistake, but she can't just leave it be. She and Jack have been distressed ever since their argument and it's time Jun did....something. She has an idea for what she might do, but she knows it could just make things worse. Maybe that's how it has to be if the situation is to ever improve. That's why Jun mustered up her courage to talk to Jack alone. In person. It wasn't fair to Jack for Jun to confront him over the Internet anymore.

After a brief pause Jun knocks again. "Jack? It's me, Jun...can you open the door?"
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WHO: Feliks and ??? (and also Fai)
WHAT: Feliks tries to deal with all the drama about Renko by running himself ragged in the Danger Room, then praying about it. It seems like as good a plan as anyone's got right now, ok?
WHERE: Outside the door to the sublevels (handwaving the presence of a proper staff member in the Danger Room, since Feliks IS still like... a week from not being a student anymore). (Also, Fai's room in the teachers' quarters.)
WHEN: In the day or so after Fury's announcement.
WARNING(S): Brief mentions of violence. Religious themes. Discussion of persecution. Will move the Fai thread to a locked post or a musebox if anything happens, but it's unlikely to.

They don't believe in us, but I believe... )