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WHO: Jun and Jack
WHAT: Jun realizes that in order to prove she's not Jack's sister, she may have to get incredibly blunt.
WHERE: In Jack's Dorm
WHEN: Soon after their talk on the network
WARNING(S): NSWF-ish stuff, distressed children

Jun smoothes out her dress as she waits patiently for Jack to respond to her knock. She's still unsure about what she's doing. It may turn out to be a huge mistake, but she can't just leave it be. She and Jack have been distressed ever since their argument and it's time Jun did....something. She has an idea for what she might do, but she knows it could just make things worse. Maybe that's how it has to be if the situation is to ever improve. That's why Jun mustered up her courage to talk to Jack alone. In person. It wasn't fair to Jack for Jun to confront him over the Internet anymore.

After a brief pause Jun knocks again. "Jack? It's me, Jun...can you open the door?"
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WHO: Jack, and anyone he runs across.
WHAT: A very big, very silly ghost is haunting the school.
WHERE: Anywhere! Anywhere that students are allowed, at least.
WHEN: Forward-dated to Halloween because I'll be too busy to make the post then.
WARNING(S): Too much cute maybe. May edit if anything goes terribly wrong.

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WHO: John Sublime, "No Girl", the U-Men, and their unfortunate target... The Insitute
WHAT: Sublime's U-Men attack the school. They're aiming for the sublevels. Stop them at all costs!
WHERE: Throughout campus
WHEN: Past midnight, Wednesday-Thursday
WARNING(S): Gonna get violent.

The time was now. The media attention over his followers actions was too much. And after all, Xavier's little henchmen in London had figured it out. He was sure of it. There was no more time to bide. No more room for hesitation. It was act now, or the revolution would end in a prison cell, festering away in the disgusting care of this unclean world. Sublime couldn't stomach it. Couldn't fathom it. And whatever god help those who stood in the way of him and his dream of Homo Perfectus.

"All units are in place," Sublime whispered, peering out over the immaculate green, covered in moonlight, staring a drilling, piercing hole into the mansion. "Martha... it's your turn now," another whisper, as the floating apparatus before him, holding a strange glowing orb, began to shine even more brightly.

Just like that, the security systems failed. And just like that, Charles Xavier gasped and sent out a short, psychic burst to all X-Men, perhaps to everyone in the school, before he was overwhelmed and silenced, collapsing from his bed to the floor, stunned into sleep by a psychic force even he was not prepared for.

"This is it, Martha... our dream... U-Men! Bring me the Ashes of the Phoenix!" And like that, dozens of the men from the blurred video that Glamour and Spy had managed to obtain swarmed the ground, organic and mechanical, using a plethora of stolen mutant powers, attacked.

[[ This is it! Our first major action post, and in X-Men tradition, it's a direct attack on campus. Feel free to start your own threads. The U-Men will be NPC'd by the mods. Their ultimate goal is the filed away genetic samples of Jean Grey in the sublevels. They must be stopped, before someone uses them to integrate Jean's powers into a U-Man. ]]
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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: Two things, first the President's Address, and then the news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: The presidential address happened on Monday, the news events are more current
WARNING(S): mentions of school violence in one of the news posts, and as always, if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

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