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Who: Oulan, her team, her boxing trainees and You!
What: 5 Various Scenarios across campus, One closed to her team
Where: Different Locations
When: August first through the Seventh
Warnings: Boxing related things so some minor violence.

We are who we are and Oulan really likes punching things )
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WHO: Students and faculty of the Institute, plus some unfortunate SHIELD agents caught in the crossfire
WHAT: Sinster did something, ah... sinister... to Martha, and now the school security systems are attacking anyone and everyone that might interfere with his um... sinister... plans.
WHERE: The Institute
WARNING(S): Violence hooooo

As a reminder, there are THREE ways to be involved with this event:
1. Help the SHIELD agents on the front lawn survive against the school security systems! This will be combat heavy and will involve NPC assists from Nick Fury

2. Help protect other students, and those who can't fight, get to safe places! Not every section of the school is as automated as others and there are places that Sinister's infection of the security systems hasn't reached. This can be combat heavy or not at all, and will involve NPC assists from Storm

3. HELLIONS your girl No Girl needs help. Also the Professor and Logan. Your job is to head to the sublevels and break in to the most heavily secured area of the school and stop whatever is causing things to go haywire, and possibly stop Sinister himself from whatever he has planned. As usual, you will be assisted by Emma.


May. 14th, 2015 08:17 pm
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WHO: Oulan and Team 4 - Elleanea, Gilberte, Liara, Luvander, Meiling
WHAT: The First Official Meeting of Team 4
WHERE: Oulan's Office
WHEN: May 13th, Just after Oulan was notified of her X-team
WARNINGS: Language? Maybe?

[Oulan is sitting at her desk after calling all the stunts from her X-team in to meet. She didn't know what she was going to do with the team she had been given. She had met Liara before but the rest were a mystery. All she had was a list of names and a small idea of their powers. Which of these kids would lead, how would they work together? Would they even get along? She sits at her desk pondering these things as she waits for the students to arrive.]
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WHO: The entire school
WHERE: On campus
WHEN: Saturday Evening
WARNING(S): n/a, if a thread goes into warning territory, please take it to a new log.

Emma really knew how to throw a party. The Atlantean theme to the event was apparent in every decoration. The five gorgeous women playing in the string quintet that accompanied the event were dressed in fanciful mermaid inspired costumes, to match the setting. Why, if Namor himself walked through the door at that very moment, it's likely people would just have assumed he was an honored guest. And don't think Emma hadn't tried to do just that.

Food of all varieties was available, as well as multiple flavors of punch. When the string quartet wasn't playing, general Prom-style mixes of various hits and dance songs throughout the decade would play over the meticulously crafted sound system, a parting gift from a former student. All in all, it was truly as much a Paradise Beneath the Waves as Emma had wanted it to be.

And it didn't stop there. The outdoors of the Institute had also been decorated, but this time in the theme of a spring garden. Blankets were scattered out along the lawn around the pool, offering spaces for people to simply lay down, relax, and enjoy a myriad of virgin (and not so virgin, for the adults) cocktails provided by an "old friend" of Emma's.

It was the biggest social night of the year for the students of Xavier's. And Emma, knowing the transient nature of the school... wanted it to be as memorable as ever. Emma Frost herself, however... was curiously absent.
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WHO: Everyone
WHAT: The news of the world, brought right to your school!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen (assuming they're on a news site)
WHEN: All week
WARNING(S): if a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... since X-Day, it would appear that activity of both the Friends of Humanity and the Mutant Liberation Front have been largely contained. Authorities still urge caution, of course, but as far as the continuing violence is concerned, the streets are a little safer now. However, the leaders of both organizations are still at large. The FBI, along with SHIELD, have requested that any information to the whereabouts of MLF or FoH leadership be brought to them as quickly and discreetly as possible..."

"... holding her first concert since the violence broke out and her original tour was cancelled. Tickets to victims of anti-mutant violence were given entirely for free. Dazzler herself was quoted saying that now was a needed time for healing, and music plays an important role in that. She wants her fans to know that she is here for them, and she will do everything she can to help mutants still struggling in the wake of hatred and violence..."

"... Stryker has said that his vigil, continuing again after being released from the hospital, will continue until Claudine Renko, whom he holds personally responsible for the death of his son as well as the X-Day riots, is brought to justice. Senator Graydon Creed and the other Last Stand lawmakers have said they will stand with Reverend Stryker for the same goal. Creed went on to say that the only way from preventing something like X-Day from happening again is to pass the Mutant Registration Act, finally..."

"... Gabrielle Haller claiming that she and Genosha leadership have come to an agreement to stall potential international aggressions. The Passover Accords, as they are being called, were signed by both President Kelly and President Lensherr, sealing an agreement of non-aggression between the two powers, even if only temporarily..."

"... was released from SHIELD custody today and will stand trial for multiple accounts of fraud as well as the attack on the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning. John Sublime plead guilty to all charges, and expressed his regret that his obsession lead to such horrible acts. He reiterated that all he wished for in his Third Species movement was for peace between human and mutant, and a better understanding of each other..."

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