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Who: Rhia and anyone out and about
What: Yet another game of Rhia ball
Where: Outside the mansion, but on the grounds
When: Early morning to mid-afternoon every day of August (Unless something comes up)
Warnings: Shouldn't be any
Rating: G

Rhia had no clue what was going on, that people were sick. She didn't follow the news, didn't use the cellphone thing she was given, and never went into the building... so... she had no clue. She was thinking about what Alric and Viti had said, though. But deep thoughts were for night time. Mornings were for fun. So She was swinging through tree banches, racing with the wind... and playing a whole lot of Rhiaball.

For those who have never seen her playing this game, it mostly consisted of Rhia - who looked like she was part tree herself with brown skin, brown hair, and green clothing made of leaves and vines - curled in a ball as the trees happily threw her from tree to tree in the canopy.

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WHO: Students and faculty of the Institute, plus some unfortunate SHIELD agents caught in the crossfire
WHAT: Sinster did something, ah... sinister... to Martha, and now the school security systems are attacking anyone and everyone that might interfere with his um... sinister... plans.
WHERE: The Institute
WARNING(S): Violence hooooo

As a reminder, there are THREE ways to be involved with this event:
1. Help the SHIELD agents on the front lawn survive against the school security systems! This will be combat heavy and will involve NPC assists from Nick Fury

2. Help protect other students, and those who can't fight, get to safe places! Not every section of the school is as automated as others and there are places that Sinister's infection of the security systems hasn't reached. This can be combat heavy or not at all, and will involve NPC assists from Storm

3. HELLIONS your girl No Girl needs help. Also the Professor and Logan. Your job is to head to the sublevels and break in to the most heavily secured area of the school and stop whatever is causing things to go haywire, and possibly stop Sinister himself from whatever he has planned. As usual, you will be assisted by Emma.