Jan. 1st, 2015

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WHO: Reki and anyone she knows
WHAT: A unique tradition and a way for her to play off expressing how she feels to people
WHERE: Wherever your character happens to be
WHEN: New Year's Eve
WARNING(S): May get sappy

If you know Reki, she's showing up at your doorstep or wherever you can be regularly found. A strange little nut rattle is pressed into your hand. Depending on your relationship to her, the color will be different.

"Here. They're kindof a tradition where I'm from. The different colors represent what you want to express to the receiver."

Yeah, she's playing it off all tsundere. It feels less soul baring/emotionally vulnerable that way to her.

[OOC: Depending on the replier, I'll choose a color for them; the color of the bell nut is different depending on what sentiment the giver wants to convey]