Jan. 17th, 2015

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WHO: Anyone outside enjoying the cold
WHAT: One of the most unusual games of catch in American History
WHERE: Outside on school grounds, near the ever-greens
WHEN: early morning
WARNING(S): She's 13, and not overly violent, so there should be no issues

Early morning, her first day at the school. They said she would get her room assignment at lunch, and had given her a temporary room when the Blackbird landed. As soon as they left her alone, she had opened the window and climbed out into nature. Or as close to it as you could get here. The storm during the night had been wonderful, and she had slept in the swaying branches of a ceder, loved and cradled.

When dawn awoke, so did Rhiannon. She stretched in her bower, and then moved from tree to tree, finding unclaimed pine nuts, acorns, and other treats. Breakfast done, she stood on a branch, waved her arms and made a number of low wooooshing sounds. Getting a similar response from the trees that stayed awake in the winter, she kept it up, teaching them her favorite game from back home, and finding out which trees wanted to play.

Once it was settled, she grinned, curled into a ball and felt herself being flung through the air. She spread her self out like a flying squirrel, as she soared to the next tree, curling herself again before impact. The heavy branches moved to catch her, to cradle her, then to toss her into the air again.

Her laughter was like the sound of small musical bells, only louder, loud enough for anyone walking outside the school, on that side of the building, to hear. And if they looked up, it looked for all the world like the trees were throwing a ball of leaves and vines back and forth, and the sound was coming from that odd gleeful ball.