Jan. 19th, 2015

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Who: Gregory and anyone who passes by his dorm room
What: moving in and couch forts
Where: male dorm, third floor
When: whenever.

Warnings: Couch forts and music - so... basically none.

The dorm room door had been closed as much as possible when his family had been there, not so much in case anyone recognized them -Dominic and Donovan each had their own reasons to desire anonymity- but so Gregory could enjoy his last hours with them, without distraction. Of course, that was a lot of people to cram into a small room... But he was touched that they all made time to come out and see him off, to help him move into his new room....

Dominic and Luna flew in from Lynbrook, his parents flew over seas for this, Rachel had hitched a ride, which was impressive given the ocean between. Spark had gone with her, however, preferring an ocean voyage to a flight, given cat carriers and the proximity to fish. Quilt and Garrit came in from Barthis, and even Szark, Dominic's best friend came, though he spent most of the time trying to figure out which of Greg's future classmates might be gay and interested in moving to France.

but Pam didn't come. He knew she was busy, but it still hurt. Jayden and Milov didn't come, but that was probably for the best, he didn't want Sigfried anywhere near his new school.

One of the first things that changed in his new room was the bed. His mother, Miranda, found a faculty member to tell them where the bed he neither needed nor wanted should go. Free of that, he, his father, Quilt and Garrit carried in his new sofa. Huge, tons of cushions, better bed than he could have ever had, given his... quirks. Then the rest of his stuff, and for someone who spent most of the last two years wandering, owning nothing he didn't carry he now had a ton of stuff. His axe, one of his father's old axes, and a brand new one, because Rachel didn't know his dad was going to do that. The huge sofa. The phone the school provided. A laptop and tablet from Luna and Dominic, unsurprisingly a quilt from Quilt, a ton of clothes from Rachel, and thankfully more sensible choices from Dominic and his mother, both of whom knew Rachel all too well. He had his schoolbooks, and Luna, Dominic, and his mother all were sure he wouldn't have enough to read, so he also had a small library.

Szark had been sure that no one would have thought to bring art, and he was right, however.... His tastes and Greg’s tastes did not match. At all. Well, maybe a classmate would want it. If he’d ever admit to having it in the first place.


Finally they left, more boxes still left to be unpacked, but not many. He saw them all out into the huge chartered van that was taking them back to the airport. He wished that some of them would stay for a while, but understood. They were giving him space and opportunity to get to know his new classmates ad teachers.


So he went back to his room, alone, leaning heavily on his walking stick. He left his door wide open intentionally, and booted up the laptop. To his surprise, there was a CD in there. Curious, he hit play and turned up the volume.


A beautiful power ballad issued forth, and Gregory smiled. Of course Dominic would know what he needed, when. “Thanks, bro,” he whispered. He was never sure if his father’s amazing voice was a mutant power, or just rare skill, but listening to Kelsheen Mark, the Euroband his father was the lead for, was just the touch of home he needed.



So… if anyone wants to check out the loud haunting music that has a very Euro-vibe (Imagine if E-type and Within Temptation joined together to sing power ballads) coming from an open door, they would find a young man, limping around with use of a walking stick, building a very impressive couch fort in a mostly unpacked room.