Feb. 12th, 2015

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WHO: Eddie and OPEN!
WHAT: Despite being here a while, Eddie's never really checked out the school. Time to explore and possibly meet people.
WHERE: Throughout the campus
WHEN: Thursday afternoon and evening
WARNING(S): Eddie May be some swearing

Eddie expected the place to be a little crowded, but not this crowded. There were students all over the place! He kept off to the side, taking in the smells and sounds while navigating the best he could. It wasn't too difficult, really; his only issue was being trampled by late students. Once the tardy bell rang, the place all but emptied out. He took the opportunity to explore more thoroughly.

"This place is kind of cool..." He said to himself as he opened the door to the courtyard. That's when he felt a rush of cold. He quickly shut the door, mumbling something about the damn snow and how people could live here.