Feb. 19th, 2015

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Who: Eli, Storm, Laura Kinney, Palutena, Ceireia Shadiene, Krista Lenz, and Alric Caelegart..
What: When they all find out what exactly Eli's clone intended to do with all the "Dates" she won.
Where: An empty classroom (well, it had been empty before they got there)
When: Right after the auction. As in... minutes after
Warnings: Should be none, except a possible trigger warning for depression

As soon as the winners were announced, the Eli clone grabbed up everyone that she had "won" and hustled them into a classroom. She shut the door and looked at them.

"My shift officially ends any minute now, which means I don't have much time. So I bought a few hours of your time each, right? Okay, here is what I need you to do. Eli's room is on the third floor of the girl's dorm, room five." She looked to the girls she had "won". In one hour, go over there and ask if she wants to hang out. Hang out in her room, do friend stuff, girly stuff. She loves doing girl stuff with her friends."

She turned to Alric. "Three hours after that, you go ask her for a date, while they're all still there. Take her somewhere nice, but not too nice. Be nice to her. But no touchy stuff. This'll be her first date, so make her happy, you got it? And no matter what, do not, any of you, mention the..."

Her face froze fro just a moment as Eli tuned in to see if she was done with her shift yet. What she saw, through the eyes of the clone, was Alric. She took full control and a hand reached up to her face. No mask! Would he recognize her? The clone paled, turned and fled the room, panicking. It turned a corner and Eli vanished it.

Eli sat in her room, wide eyed and pale. Had he... wait, had she still been at work? Had he just been a customer? She didn't remember anything except him. Where had the clone been? Had she just made a scene? Lost her job? Her bank account finally had a decent cush to it, thanks to two clones with jobs, and having weaseled more money out of her folks. But she couldn't loose the job...

She flopped back on her bed and pulled a pillow over her face. The sobs started quietly. Not that it mattered. She was all alone. She would always... be all alone...