Feb. 22nd, 2015

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Who: Raiko and the people she won/and Kyouko who won her on the dating auction!
What: Dating and You, auction style!
Where: Out in the city, likely
When: Weekends from the date auction through the end of February
Warnings: Should be none, except Raiko being a Smooth Operator

So there'd been some calls made, a little wheeling and dealing, and Raiko had set up dates with those willing to go - of course, anyone unwilling, she bid have a good day and moved on, but anyone that wanted to uphold the whole 'winning' auction thing was, of course, welcome to come.

The Musicians found themselves in a group date. Left up to Raiko, she decided on a little club not too terribly far from District X which promised live musical entertainment and good dining. And so, after setting plans with anyone that wanted to go, she headed out for the night.

Kokoro was easy to plan for, a lesser-known Broadway show and dinner sounded about right for that, and so she had thrown out the suggestion, of course with the caveat that Kokoro was more than free to come up with any other plans as they went along.

Meiling was a harder one - seeing as how the drummer didn't know a single thing about her - so Raiko decided simply to invite her to lunch at a cafe near Central Park, and they could go from there. Spontaneity seemed like a better plan for that.

And so, Raiko spends her weekends!

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WHO: Professor Xavier and Emma Frost
WHAT: The true reason Emma suddenly returned...
WHERE: The Cerebro Chamber
WHEN: Late evening
WARNING(S): Plot details ahoy.

The First One... )
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WHO: Tenma and Shindou
WHAT: Totally platonic date
WHERE: all over the place
WHEN: February 15th
WARNING(S): Disappointingly bromantic

What else would you expect? )