Apr. 9th, 2015

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WHO: Alric and You!
WHAT: Alric is out to get to know some more fellow students
WHERE: All arounds the institute grounds shut up I like rhymes
WHEN: April 1st-15th
WARNING(S): None expected!

By the beginning of April, Alric had already decided it was time he attempt to reach out a bit more, an impression strongly reinforced by a conversation with Hijikata. It was true it was an auspicious time to make progress, with all the impetus provided by external circumstances--and not long after, by Ororo's suggestion of seeking representatives among the student body. So, in addition to all the practice he undertook, and his time spent on homework for classes and on "homework" for Kaithenian and global political concerns, Alric set aside some time to wander the halls and the grounds of the estate, to make acquaintances. He'd gathered a rather small circle of people he considered friends, but it was time he branch out a little further.
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WHO: Eli and Krista
WHAT: Getting ready for her first date, Eli has an hour!
WHERE: Eli's dorm room
WHEN: Mid april
WARNING(S): None expected!

After throwing her phone aside, Eli opened her door so Krista could come right in, then went back to frantically ripping through her closet.