Apr. 23rd, 2015

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WHO: Alex Rider & OPEN
WHAT: Studying... or trying to
WHERE: Library
WHEN: Thursday afternoon

Hunched over a table tucked in a back corner of the library... )
gregorydeegan: (Bad hair day)
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Who: Greg and Alric
Where: Outside Alric's room
When: April 19th, morning
What: delivering some news
Warnings: bad jokes.

Still yawning, Greg decided to let Alric know what he had just done. Checking the directory, he found the other guy's room, and knocked on the door.

He leaned against the door frame as he waited for an answer. It was morning, so while not super early for most people on a Sunday, it was early for Greg. He was in comfortable jeans and an over sized Kelsheen Mark band tee from a concert years ago. He rubbed at his face, fighting another yawn.