Apr. 25th, 2015

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Who: Tiamaris and anyone who comes across him
What: Reading a book on the lawn
Where: On the lawn
When: Late April, early morning
Warnings: Possible violence, but probably not.

Enjoying one of the first spring days that isn't rainy or snowy, or in some other way wet or windy, Tiamris headed outside to read his book. He wasn't thrilled with this roommate swap thing, and still had not actually met the other person he now dormed with. If he had to have someone new, why not Alric?

Better yet... why not leave him in his own room, so that he only risked breaking his own stuff.

So until he met the other kid, he... was going to spend as much time outside as was feasible. So, with a new library book in hand, he settled in the crook of the roots of a rather large tree, leaned back, and started to read.

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WHO: The entire school
WHERE: On campus
WHEN: Saturday Evening
WARNING(S): n/a, if a thread goes into warning territory, please take it to a new log.

Emma really knew how to throw a party. The Atlantean theme to the event was apparent in every decoration. The five gorgeous women playing in the string quintet that accompanied the event were dressed in fanciful mermaid inspired costumes, to match the setting. Why, if Namor himself walked through the door at that very moment, it's likely people would just have assumed he was an honored guest. And don't think Emma hadn't tried to do just that.

Food of all varieties was available, as well as multiple flavors of punch. When the string quartet wasn't playing, general Prom-style mixes of various hits and dance songs throughout the decade would play over the meticulously crafted sound system, a parting gift from a former student. All in all, it was truly as much a Paradise Beneath the Waves as Emma had wanted it to be.

And it didn't stop there. The outdoors of the Institute had also been decorated, but this time in the theme of a spring garden. Blankets were scattered out along the lawn around the pool, offering spaces for people to simply lay down, relax, and enjoy a myriad of virgin (and not so virgin, for the adults) cocktails provided by an "old friend" of Emma's.

It was the biggest social night of the year for the students of Xavier's. And Emma, knowing the transient nature of the school... wanted it to be as memorable as ever. Emma Frost herself, however... was curiously absent.