May. 10th, 2015

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Who: Greg and Krista and Greg and Alric
What: Congratulations and possibly hanging out.
Where: Krista's room for the Krista thread, Alric's room for the Alric thread
When: Weekend after Prom
Warnings: bad puns! Warning, anyone reading this will be pun-ished. You have been warned.

For Krista and Alric )

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Who: Eileanea and Krista
What: Congrats
When: right after election results came out
Where: Krista's room
Warnings: Should be none. Possible talking about sad pasts and socialization issues.

As soon as Eli heard the news, she bounded out of bed. No clone for this... she was actually excited to leave the room for once.

She pulled on a pretty dress, one that was a deep green with a brown pattern over it, and pulled her hair back into a ponytail. Shoving her feet into shoes, she grabbed her purse and headed out. She made her way to Krista's room as quickly as she could without looking like she was rushing, then took several breaths. Trying to act casual, she knocked on the door.