May. 11th, 2015

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WHO: Eren and ANYONE.
WHAT:Trying (and so far failing) to practice using his power.
WHERE: In a remote part of campus (but how remote can it really be, honestly?)
WHEN: In the afternoon, after classes.
WARNING(S): A bit of blood, self-injury, possibility of a brief appearance by Titan!Eren. Should be fine otherwise, though.
NOTE: Prose and brackets are equally fine.

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve. )
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WHO: Anyone and everyone
WHAT: Another news update, coming at you live!
WHERE: On any television, radio, or computer screen
WHEN: All week
WARNING(S): If a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"... been numerous threats made in recent days and weeks against William Stryker, who has continued his vigil on Capitol Hill ever since his release from the hospital early last month. All eyes are on him, as the most recently proposed form of the Mutant Registration Act is debated on the Senate floor..."

"... the Last Stand coalition, led by Graydon Creed, in addition to lobbying for Mutant Registration, has also been credited with increasing the pressure on government agencies to find and apprehend Claudine Renko, the radical mutant leader who disappeared after the public attempt on her life that fueled the violent X-Day riots. The FBI, the CIA, and SHIELD held a joint press conference this morning, once again urging anyone with knowledge of her whereabouts to come forth...

"... weather beginning to heat up, Dazzler was spotted on the beach in Maui, near where she's rumored to be shooting footage for her latest video. In paparazzi photos, she appears to have a mysterious man by her side -- but the pop diva has been effusive when asked about their relationship..."

"...remark that while the official Genoshan response to the X-day riots took a measured, moderate tone (perhaps in light of the recent Passover Accords), the Genoshan media has by and large been sympathetic to the MLF, whose aggressive, hawkish politics aren't far from their own. Analysts remain skeptical of the arrangement's sincerity and permanence, though President Kelly has been quick to defend it as a great step forward. The President has continued to be outspoken about his opposition to Mutant Registration, which would jeopardize the fragile peace that he has worked for..."

"... peaceful demonstration against the Registration Act took place this afternoon on the National Mall, with smaller rallies taking place in cities across the country. The event was organized and led by the Families and Allies of Mutant Americans. When asked for comment, their president -- the adopted daughter of a single mutant woman -- spoke eloquently of the struggles her loved ones have faced..."

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