May. 21st, 2015

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WHO: Feliks and ??? (and also Fai)
WHAT: Feliks tries to deal with all the drama about Renko by running himself ragged in the Danger Room, then praying about it. It seems like as good a plan as anyone's got right now, ok?
WHERE: Outside the door to the sublevels (handwaving the presence of a proper staff member in the Danger Room, since Feliks IS still like... a week from not being a student anymore). (Also, Fai's room in the teachers' quarters.)
WHEN: In the day or so after Fury's announcement.
WARNING(S): Brief mentions of violence. Religious themes. Discussion of persecution. Will move the Fai thread to a locked post or a musebox if anything happens, but it's unlikely to.

They don't believe in us, but I believe... )
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WHO: Jun and Jack
WHAT: Jun realizes that in order to prove she's not Jack's sister, she may have to get incredibly blunt.
WHERE: In Jack's Dorm
WHEN: Soon after their talk on the network
WARNING(S): NSWF-ish stuff, distressed children

Jun smoothes out her dress as she waits patiently for Jack to respond to her knock. She's still unsure about what she's doing. It may turn out to be a huge mistake, but she can't just leave it be. She and Jack have been distressed ever since their argument and it's time Jun did....something. She has an idea for what she might do, but she knows it could just make things worse. Maybe that's how it has to be if the situation is to ever improve. That's why Jun mustered up her courage to talk to Jack alone. In person. It wasn't fair to Jack for Jun to confront him over the Internet anymore.

After a brief pause Jun knocks again. "Jack? It's me, Jun...can you open the door?"