Jun. 18th, 2015

griot: (alone)
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WHO: Viti DeFalco, Ivan Braginsky, and OPEN
WHAT: Cooking food
WHERE: The kitchen
WHEN: Today?
WARNINGS: Will add as needed. 

Viti pulverized five cans of tomatoes through a strainer, into a bowl, using a wooden object normally used for pressing pork through a meat grinder. He huffed, as though taking his life's anger out on the fruits, which popped and ground releasing their guts. He threw out the seeds, and tossed the sauce into a pot lined with garlic flavored olive oil, and turned on the burner. 

The steak would be the next object to get a beating. He pulled out a small hammer to tenderize it. He brought up high then brought down harder, splattering red juices. As Viti worked, he mumbled to himself, about the people who had mocked him in life, for his angry thought escaped his mind, until the sauce began to simmer. When the aroma came on his nostrils, he sighed and formed a smile. He loved the smell of garlic, basil and tomatoes, but he thought little of how others down the hall might think of it, as the sent flowed out of the kitchen.