Jun. 21st, 2015

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WHO: Christelle & anyone with access to the Faculty Lounge
WHAT: Sorting through intelligence as well as student essays. 
WHERE: Faculty Lounge, 2nd floor
WHEN: Late afternoon of 19/06

There's only so much Chris can manage in one day, or even one week when she's technically juggling three jobs at the same time. Thankfully she hasn't had too many recon missions of late, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have intelligence reports that need sorting, analysing and being put together so the X-men might put it to good use.

Add to that the student essays she's a bit behind on marking and she's honestly just one push away from garroting the first person who looks at her wrong. 

Unfortunately, juggling the tasks also means that she's more or less taken over half the lounge, reports pinned up on the walls here and there with many neat notes written over them, several other articles printed and attached in continuous streams down, some of them reaching the floor. She doesn't mind who reads them - they're all encrypted and in Catalan, no less. To add to the chaos, there's several piles of student essays, organised by grade level and marked or unmarked which she picks at for humor since... yes, she still finds some language errors absolutely hilarious.