Jun. 22nd, 2015

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Who: Aqua and anyone who approaches her.
What: Training and lessons for anyone who wants some one on one time with her.
Where: on the rear lawn
When: June 23rd, midday
Rating: Should be G
Warning: possible discussion of violence, but probably nothing bad.

Summer was officially here. And it was wonderful. Aqua had left a note on her door, telling anyone who might be looking for her where to find her and inviting them to join her in a training session, if they wanted. She had training dummies set up out back and was practicing with them. Careful, controlled, strikes. Her goal was a rhythmic precision over strength.

She had marked the edges of her keyblade with charcoal, and marks on the dummy were in small areas at her targets, with almost no deviation. A stab to the chest, a stab to the gut, a slash across the legs, a chop to the neck on each side, an under arm sweep on each side, the flat of the keylbade to either side of the head, and a slam from the back of it to the top of the head. A mix of blows that would be lethal and those that would just incapacitate. 

She deleivered all at the same pace, but the wear on the dummy would show those who were observant that the blows that were in lethal places were delivered with more force. However, her pace remained smooth and even as she went from blow to blow, with flourished spins and jumps that were exacting and precise, as much as any of the blows.

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Who: Eli and whoever she encounters
What: heading to the medical area
Where: the halls of the school and the medical area
When: June 22nd, early morning
Warnings/Rating: should be none/G.

The headache wasn't going away, and everyone she spoke to... it only seemed to get worse. And the burn on her arm was hurting. So Eli was heading to the medical area to try and find someone to look at her arm... and to give her something stronger than Advil for her headache.

She was a bit dazed and out of it as she walked down the halls, so feel free to have her run into your character. Well.. walk into, anyway.

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WHO: Sandry and OPEN
WHAT: Settling in and exploring
WHERE: Around the school and grounds, eventually the Rec Room
WHEN: Monday afternoon

After spending the morning getting her belongings unpacked and her room decorated, Sandry decided to use the rest of the day to look around. She quietly walked through the school, looking around all of the student-accessible areas before heading outside to look at the grounds. When her feet finally started to feel tired, she headed back inside. Collecting her sewing basket from her dorm, she went to the rec room she'd spotted earlier in the day to curl up in an armchair.

Light brown hair plaited down one shoulder and cornflower blue eyes fixed on her current project, Sandry set to work finishing up a plush lop-eared rabbit. It was about eight inches long and made from a white polka dotted pink cotton fabric with green and pink plaid on the paws and ears. All that was left was embroidering on the face.

[ooc: Feel free to run into Sandry as she wanders around, inside and outside.]