Jul. 7th, 2015

rhiaofdruma: (HAppy)
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Who: Rhia and anyone who wants to encounter her
What: Playing on the lawn
Where: On the lawn....
When: July 8th, early morning
Rating: G
Warning: Shouldn't be any

She was tried of trying to understand people, and her arm finally healed, and she wanted to have some fun! So Rhia was doing what Rhia did, she was playing with the trees. The game was simple. She curled into a ball and the trees threw her from one to the next to the next, and back around again.

She was having fun, with delighted squeals and giggles. At one point one tree flung her high and she spun in the air, coming out of the ball to twist and twirl as she arced up.

She wanted wings, she had always wanted wings. This was as close as she got to flying, and she loved it.

As she reached the top of the toss, she arced back and dove into the fall. She caught a branch on the way down and swung around over and over before landing in the grass, flushed with joy and giggling.