Jul. 10th, 2015

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Who: Anyone and everyone
What: Another news update, coming to you live! 
Where: On any television, radio, or computer screen
When: All week
Warning(s): If a thread goes into warning label territory, either throw it in the subject line or take it to a separate log.

"...An explosion rocked a New York apartment complex today leaving 3 dead and 12 injured. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the blast which originated in a third story apartment. Survivors are reporting having seen a blinding light before the explosion leading to speculation that it could have been..."

"...Concert in central park was a rousing success as thousands of mutants and humans alike came together for the 2 hour spectacular. When asked what was next Dazzler said she'd be sticking in New York for a while to work on her new album before heading back on tour..."

"...First fatalities have been reported from the virus sweeping through the mutant population of District X. Heath officials are working alongside Dr. Henry McCoy on tracking the virus which still hasn't spread outside the Mutant population..."

"...Receiving reports of Claudine Renko through Canada and the United States. None of these reports have been corroborated and authorities are still asking people to report any sightings and..."

"...Repairs have completed at Xavier's Institute for Higher learning after the incident in May. Not much is known about what happened but proponents of the Mutant Registration Act have been using it as an example to push the legislation. When reached for comment Senator Graydon Creed responded stating a worry that if this was what happened in their own neighborhood that you should imagine what could happen in yours..."

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 Who: Zancrow and whoever
What: Zancrow's trying out the drums
Where: School Music room. 
When: July 10th, afternoon
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Zancrow's mouth. 

In the music room Zancrow is practicing on a drum set. Perhaps practicing is too strong a term. He’s banging away on the drums with wild abandon. He’s not that good, but he’s obviously having fun, and there is a rhythm to it, sorta.  


He’s putting his entire body into it; he’s sweaty and he’s already thrown his shirt to the wayside as he beats the drum set senseless. His wild hair is all over the place as he bangs away, and he’s smiling. Not his usual deranged smiles he wears during a fight, but an actual smile. He pauses drumming only to wipe the sweat out his eyes or to take a drink of water from his water bottle. 

He's been going at this for awhile, and probably won't stop until someone orders him to.