Jul. 26th, 2015

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 Who: Viti and Kisume. If someone wants to see Viti chase a lizard or hit on a bucket, they could drop a line. 
What: Viti chasing a Nile monitor lizard, and encountering "bucket girl"
Where: In the mansion, around the front entrance, and where ever there is a tight space. 
When: Sometime after the district X news feed thread. 
Rating: G. Shouldn't be any violence. 
Warnings: none

 Viti was on his hands and knees on one end of a carpet, while a one foot lone lizard flickered its forked tongue at him at the other. 
"Come back little lizard, I need you to save someone's life." The lizard tilted it's head quickly in several directions, taking in the room. Viti slowly crawled closer, digging his fingers into the carpet so he was prepared to spring, if need be.  His heart skipped a beat when the lizard moved backwards, but he licked his lips, and slowly reached or the reptile from above. When he was eight inches away, the lizard moved backward slowly. Viti reached faster, so the lizard backed faster, so Viti reached faster, until finally the lizard whipped it's elongated body in the other direction. The chase had begun. 

There were loud crashes as Viti whipped aside chairs, dove under a table, caught a falling vase, and pushed aside the couch, all in the attempt to catch the rapidly scurrying lizard, with minimal damage, but the lizard scurried faster, puffing up its throat to force in air into it's lungs for a longer sprint. 

The lizard looked in all directions for a tiny space to crawl into. It's instincts made it seek someplace warm and someplace tight to hide from the possibly hungry human pursuing it. 

(OOC: You may godmode the lizard)

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WHO: Quarantined students, staff, and their visitors
WHAT: So there are these people that are sick with a mysterious virus and they are bored
WHERE: Infirmary
WHEN: Whenever this week, they're not going anywhere
WARNING(S): People are sick. There might be undignified medical tests and discussion of bodily fluids.

OOC: Put in your header if the thread is open to visitors or just for fellow inmates. Or have multiple thread options. Run wild. If your character is visiting someone, feel free to start threads as well. Mind, visitors other than medical staff wouldn't be able to enter the quarantined area, so they'll probably have to talk through something.